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Starting A Trading Business in Hong Kong

10 Mar 2015 14:38

Hello Guys,

I and my partner are planning to open a trading company in Hong Kong. We will be primarily sourcing textile products from Mainland China that will be directly shipped to other countries on CIF basis by the supplier. I will be really glad if you guys could help me with the following questions:


1. What kind of company structure will be suitable for this case in terms of taxes? Partnership of Limited Liability Company?


2. Will we need any special license to deal with textile products?


3. Initially we want to conduct the business from abroad. Is there any bank that accepts online application for opening back to back DC?


4. We will not have a full fledged office in Hong Kong for now. But we will need a physical address for registration purpose. Is there any company that provides this service? what is the standard cost?


5. Is there anything else I should be concerned about?


Many thanks in advance for your kind replies. 


Best Regards, 


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29 Aug 2016 19:50

Hi AK,


I'm Jess from Invest Hong Kong.


Briefly about us: Invest Hong Kong is a department of the HKSAR Government, which is responsible for facilitating overseas companies to develop their businesses in Hong Kong, both during the setup or expansion of their businesses in this city in order to be prosperous and competitive. The services include research to assist with your due diligence; information on company registration, permits and work visas; advice on office premises and schooling for expatriate families and invitations to business-focused networking events etc. Our services are Free, Customized and Confidential - we provide a wide range of advisory services and business networking opportunities to support companies throughout the planning and execution of their expansion in Hong Kong. (website: www.investhk.gov.hk  ) 


Please contact us at 0162639759 or email to jesspk@investhk.com.hk




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