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frozen beaf meat export to honkong from bangladesh

27 May 2014 08:09

dear sir,


Frozen beef meat export to honkong from bangladesh : i want to export from bangladesh to honkong through your valuied company, in this connection i want to know what is the custom formalities in hongkong with other related in this regards


if you are possible to do the biz with us pls let me know your advise


awaiting for your prompt reply


Thanks & Regards,


DSD International


Email: smcot@bdcom.net, frselim2@yahoo.com

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28 May 2014 13:50

The import of frozen meat, chilled meat, frozen poultry or chilled poultry into Hong Kong requires an import licence under the Import and Export Ordinance. The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department is the designated authority to issue import licences for these commodities.

The meat includes beef, mutton, pork, veal or lamb, and the offal of any animal from which such meat is derived. The poultry includes the carcass of a domestic fowl, duck, goose or turkey or any part of such a carcass, and any part of a bird mentioned above which is edible or used in the preparation of food. Please click here for further details from Hong Kong Government Centre for Food Safety.

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07 Dec 2016 23:34

I Want to export 100% hala mutton meat.

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