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Importing classic cars into China from USA

19 Feb 2014 15:44


Is it possible to import classic cars from USA to China now?  


I heard it was not possible previously. If it is possible, what exactly are the restrictions and taxes involved?  



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24 Feb 2014 15:02


Although there is no expressed laws prohibiting the import of used cars into China but the situation can be rather complex with regards to status of the importing persons, types and conditions of cars, etc. We suggest you browse over some discussions of the subject in this form and website titled China Automotive Review regarding regulations of importing automotives into the Country. 

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19 May 2014 10:11


The number of classic car collectors is growing in China despite the obstacles from a government that sees them as dangerous and not efficient enough to let run on China's traffic-choked roadways.

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07 Dec 2016 23:08


The Classic Vehicle Union of China actually has a helpful post on it http://www.ivvcc.ie/articles/china/cars2chinaguide.pdf


The basics are: It takes a while to go through all of the procedures carefully in order to import classic cars into China. Once you're approved, shipping cars into China is relatively easy http://www.wcshipping.com/international-car-shipping-to-china

Classic Vehicle Union of China
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