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Montevideo Free Port, Uruguay

19 Aug 2013 11:24

Montevideo is the only Free Port of South America. The "free port" Uruguayan regulations have been extracted from the Hamburg Port and other European Free Port laws. There are a lot of advantages in operating a stock of merchandises for regional distribution in a Free Port Warehouse.


Your company can place a stock of merchandises of your property at warehouse in Montevideo free port without having to show any other documents than a B/L for pick-up of the containers from the dock and the delivery and unstorage of those at our warehouse.It is not necessary to ask for allowance to anyone (customs authorities for example) or having to make any clearance or customs preparations.


You can get more information about the legal system in the web page of the National Ports Administration (A.N.P.): http://www.anp.com.uy/wps/wcm/connect/ANP/inicio/institucional/marco_legal/


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