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We sell scraps

01 Aug 2013 08:59

We are a recycling company and scrap collectors.  We generally collect Plastic Film, Paper Boxes and Cartons, Old Car and Truck Tyres and also pp.  We bale these and are presently exporting these to Africa, India, and other countries. We wish to export these to China also.  Could you please guide me further. What is AQSIQ license and CCIC Certificate, can you please send me a copy of these to see whether we can arrange it. Contact us if you are interested to buy.

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16 Nov 2013 10:42

I have access to thousands of scrap tyres. Are you interested in buying these?

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07 Dec 2013 10:27


since you want to export plastic scrap I'm glad to introduce our company to you, You know the largest issue companies face when registering for AQSIQ certification is that all submitted information must be written in Chinese.If you're not familiar with the Chinese language, the best way is to get assistance from a third-party AQSIQ registration company. We have a hands-on, can-do attitude to achieving AQSIQ certificates for our clients and an outstanding track record of successes.


PLEASE CONTACT ME:Email:2880261319@qq.com

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13 Jan 2015 14:24



I will be interested in talking to you regarding exporting some of the items to India from you. You can reach me via my email or my cell # 267 972 2800.

E-mail bas08hat@yahoo.com




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