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Fresh milk and drinks testing

14 Jun 2013 08:43


Dear Sir/Madam,


My pleasure if you could tell me more about the quick samples testing procedure (快速測試) when fresh milk products and bottle drinks are imported from foreign to Hong Kong.


For the quick samples testing, are they performed by Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department, or other laboratories such as Government Laboratory?

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14 Jun 2013 14:48


Food importers, through close liaison with exporting countries, are responsible for ensuring that milk or milk beverages they procure comply with the local legislation. Before importing these food products into Hong Kong, importers need to apply to the Food Surveillance and Control of the Centre for Food Safety in writing and provide the following information :

(a) the full name and address of the milk or milk beverage processing plant;

(b) the law of the country of origin governing the production of milk or milk beverages;

(c) empty containers of the milk or milk beverage with labels;

(d) information on the heat treatment method of the milk or milk beverage and facilities, including production equipment and water supply, in the processing plant;

(e) a certificate from an appropriate authority in the country of origin for the purpose of - certifying the effectiveness and efficiency of the heat treatment method in pasteurising or sterilizing the milk or milk beverage and that the products have been handled, processed and packed under hygienic conditions showing the chemical and bacteriological quality of the products; and

(f) a statement from the manufacturer confirming the approximate shelf-life of the products. Please check here for more details from the Centre for Food Safety Hong Kong.

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) adopts the three-tier food surveillance approach, i.e. routine food surveillance, targeted food surveillance and seasonal food surveillance to collect samples at import, wholesale and retail levels for microbiological, chemical and radiological tests. Go here for the report for April 2013.

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20 Oct 2014 15:15


Thanks! I need this too.

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20 Oct 2014 15:24


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