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AQSIQ certificate

25 Apr 2013 10:02


We are an agent in India to help you to avail AQSIQ certificate. If anyone would like to export china, and want to apply for AQSIQ..contact us on sales@hhimpex.com

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02 May 2013 17:39

We, Godoi Consulting are one of China's leading companies for AQSIQ registration and certification.


We are based in Shanghai and have years of experience of handling governmental registration and certification procedures.


We will handle the whole process from beginning to end. When complete, you will be able to trade your products to the whole of China.


Get in touch for more information - jack@godoiconsulting.com

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07 May 2013 15:39

As one professional AQSIQ agent ,Globe Fine Certification Consulting Co., Ltd.(Website: www.aqsiqnet.com), We are specialized in consulting services for export and import of scrap materials for overseas suppliers and domestic buyers.Till now, we helped tens of companies all over the world get their AQSIQ licenses successfullyif you need any help about AQSIQ registration please contact me

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20 May 2013 10:22

hi sir


would you be able to provide custom clearance services for plastic scraps post industrial?

i have ccic inspection for the ctr.





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21 May 2013 10:45


We can certainly provide the custum clearance services for your plastic scraps. For this, you will need AQSIQ. When you have this, you will be able to sell to anywhere in China. 

Plesase email me on jack@godoiconsulting.com for more information and to discuss further.




Jack - Godoi Consulting. 


by ming - 20 May 2013 10:22

hi sir


would you be able to provide custom clearance services for plastic scraps post industrial?

i have ccic inspection for the ctr.





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05 Jun 2013 08:56

Dear ASQIQ consultancy,


I am looking to export Frozen processed/unprocessed/Raw chicken feet to china. Certain companies are asking for ASQIQ certification.  


I have following questions


IS ASQIQ required only for RAW products?

What documents are required from us?

How much would it cost including your fee?

lastly is ISO 22000 acceptable? As it covers ISO 9001? Regards,


Muhammad Hassan Chandia

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07 Jun 2013 15:16

Two permits are required to import chicken paws into the China market: AQSIQ’s Meat Import Quarantine Permit (MIQP) and the Automatic Import Registration Form (ARF), issued by MOFCOM. According to the trade, AQSIQ will tighten-up its administration of issuing MIQPs, which dictate the quantity an individual importer may import.  Under this new regulation, importers may not apply for a new MIQP unless they have imported 75% or more of the quantity allotted on the original permit. Please refer to the US Foreign Agricultural Service feature story on AQSIQ requirement for chicken feet in China.

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13 Jun 2013 11:09

We are exporters of cotton waste to various countries but we want export to China for that we require AQSIQ Registration.We require your help in getting registration of AQSIQ.

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14 Jun 2013 08:57

Respected Mr. Akshat,


I mailed you all the details regarding AQSIQ certificate for Cotton waste. Please feel free to ask any further information.




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31 Jul 2013 09:26

Ms. Sneha


Please advice the contact details of your company as we want to get AQSIQ certificate. Please mail us on mkgoel87@gmail.com

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02 Aug 2013 08:25

We are doing cotton waste business in Thailand. We would like to export to China. Anyone can help? Please send us the information to apply for the certificate, total fee and time until approved. Please send to yaninjaja@hotmail.com

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03 Aug 2013 10:00


Dear Mr. Bao,


Thank you for your inquiry about Certificate. If you want to export raw cotton, cotton waste ar any scrap material to China, It is compulsary to have AQSIQ Certificate.


I will send you all the details of documents and about the certificate to your mail today.


Thank you.




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15 Aug 2013 09:23

Hi Ms. Sneha,


Kindly advice the contact details of your company as we want to get AQSIQ certificate, we are in plastic waste industry. Please email to me at kendy2562@yahoo.com.


Thank you.

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16 Aug 2013 08:42



Thank you for your inquiry for AQSIQ certificate for Plastic waste. I have forwarded the company information on mentioned mail address. 


Please feel free to contact for any information.


Thank you.



Sneha Thakkar

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16 Aug 2013 08:47

dear friend

i am from india

i want to export plastic scrap to china

so  do you know any good coustom clearing agent in china

if  have than email to me


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19 Aug 2013 11:32


My company is AQSIQ agent too.You mabye need another choice!

my Email:1474482100@qq.com

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19 Aug 2013 11:32

Dear Sir,


We do not provide any custom clearance in China. If you want clearance in China, you ask your buyer to do the clearance. One more thing I would like to tell you that without AQSIQ Certificate you will not able to clear your materials as nowadays CHinese government is very strict for Imported material like raw cotton, waste materials or any scraps. 


Please feel free to contact for any suggations or information to avail AQSIQ Certificate for Plastic Scraps. My email address is sales@hhimpex.com.


Thank you.




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16 Feb 2014 10:24

Dear Ms Sneha,


We are a Delhi based company which trades in commodities from America and African origins. Presently, we are planning to expand our business in the Chinese market and hence we would like to apply for a AQSIQ Certification.


In regards to the same, can you please let us know the procedure, the list of documents and your fees in applying for a AQSIQ certification - Can you please mail me on ashishjain0227@gmail.com or ashish.tt.altspl@gmail.com


Thanks & Regards,

Ashish Jain

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10 Jul 2014 09:21


Dear Sir,


We would like to start export of cotton waste to china,but the buyers insist AQSIQ certificate advice what would be benefitted to buyer in China from this AQSIQ certificate .there fore please advcie i am interested to register for AQSIQ certificate to export cotton waste to China,pls advice me the benefit's and  necessary documents and the procedure required to file for the certificate and how many day's will it take to get the certificate along with your fees to arrange for us these certificate.

If possible can you pls give us one scan copy of this certificate as an exporter of cotton waste to china and one copy as an importer of cotton waste in china.


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12 Jul 2014 08:17

Dear Mr. Milind,


Warm greetings for the day...!!!!


I have already mail you all the details of COTTON AQSIQ WASTE CERTIFICATE on given email address. Please check and contact me for any further information or suggestions.


Thank you.




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