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start a restaurant in Guangzhou

06 Sep 2012 10:41


I am from Singapore and I am planning to start a restaurant in Guanghzhou,I would like to know about the procedures on investment and registration.Any advice rendered is greatly appreciated.  Nick

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07 Sep 2012 09:49

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07 Sep 2012 10:01


China welcomes small foreign businesses.If you want to come into Chinaas an individual investor.you need not have to be a big player but you should have sufficent financial backup.


If you dont have a Chinese partner,you will need to register as a WFOE,in which case substantial capital investment is required.


A food and beverage business requires a location venue and the governmental pre-examination.Hence,you have to be cautious.


Some pre-assessment are necessary,they are sanitary certificate,environmental certificate,fire certificate and food circulation certificate. It you need more information about restaurant set up.  Donnot hesitate to contact me, 973228418@qq.com  

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22 Jan 2013 17:29


Hi, Dont know if it is too late for this.


We can help you with that.


We are Minerva, with our own furniture factory and trading company, is an planning and design company, located in China, that provides our customers full services with our ‘one-stop store opening services system’ that help you open your stores and set up your business in China.

We do:

- Business planing

- Interior design

- Construction and remodelling

- Display cabinet/props and furniture manufacturing

- Graphic design (including poster, website and etc.)

- Advertising

- Our services can cover all over China, including Hong Kong and Macau


For more info, you can contact me:olivia.liang@minervacn.com


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06 Feb 2013 10:07


If you want Food Grains, Vegetables, Dry Fruits, Saffron, Fruits, Pulses, Spices in bulk then please contact us on following website.

http://www.mkexporttradingcorp.com | http://www.saffronmartonline.com

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11 Jun 2014 09:51


Opening business will require huge amount and a wise plan. If you manage it properly, big profits will be gain and become successful. Advertising always comes out in most business as it is the way to promote your services and products. However, wrong advertisement will cost a lot as well as the reason that could possible damage your products image. Source: https://www.matchfinancial.com/application/

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29 Aug 2016 19:58


China is promising market you planning the what you want and inquiry about them and do it. good luck.

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