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25 Aug 2012 11:12


We want to export directly (i.e fishsauces/vegetables,rice) from Vietnam field to oversea market. Please show me how. Thanks.

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28 Aug 2012 15:47

We believe the HKTDC website would be the best busines portal for you to start searching for international buyers, visitors to trade shows and exhibitions and advertisers in product magazines. Supplier information is verified by international organisations to demonstrate their integrity and enhance sourcing confidence. Over the year, the HKTDC organise more than 30 world-class international trade fairs in Hong Kong. Many of these fairs are the largest in Asia, and some are the largest of their kind in the world. You can take part in these events either as exhibitors, buyers or visitors. Click the highlighted links  to find out more about the relevant services provided by the HKTDC.

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