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Nursing scrubs, medical equipment sales

21 Jun 2012 12:14

I would like suppliers of Nursing scrubs and medical equipment such as stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and first aid kits. Thanks, Leslie Williams

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07 Aug 2012 18:09

If you want to source medical supply from Asia, like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc., you may like to take a look at HKTDC’s sourcing website (http://wholesale-medicial-supplies.hktdc.com), where you can find thousands of Asian medical supply manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers who are supplying a wide variety of products at competitive price to global market, particularly Western Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. With the help of useful tools like suppliers’ credentials, compliance, product availability and additional information, it is quiet easy to find useful business contacts there.

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08 Oct 2012 09:42

Please send an email to vincentlibin@yeah.net ,so that we can check the details with you.

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18 Apr 2013 10:07

I know some medical equipment sales and here are their website:




Wishes this could help you.

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21 Aug 2013 09:43

Recently when I was searching on the internet, I came across one good site that also sells the nursing scrubs and medical equipment at reasonable price i.e. O.K.Uniform.com.  These sites are truly being very helpful for those who do not want to spend their precious time in shopping. 

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18 Oct 2013 14:19

Please visit to know about this topic; www.scrubsfest.com

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30 Mar 2014 11:02

Dear All,


We sell Piinted Scrubs at a very ggod and affordable Price.

Most of the designs are same as UA Scrubs at 20-25% Cheaper Price.

Do Contact at ghauri@texpressioninc.com, or ghauri.ahmad@gmail.com




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27 May 2014 15:40

According to TDC Research, China's total sales of medical device have grown continuously on the Chinese mainland, with an average annual growth rate of above 20%. In 2013, the market size of the medical device market reached Rmb212 billion, an increase of 24.7% when compared to 2012. With a rising ageing population and increasing health awareness, there is a great potential for the medical device industry on the mainland.

In China, there are a large number of medial device manufacturers and dealers, with majority of them consisting of small and medium size companies. In 2012, there were about 14,928 medical device manufacturers and 177,788 related operational enterprises (including distributors and dealers), with an average output value of about Rmb12 million. The competition in the sector is, as a result, correspondingly high.

In general, China’s medical device market is mostly (70% - 80%) dominated by foreign products or brands, particularly products from the US, Germany and Japan. In the first half of 2013, Europe was China’s largest supplier of medical diagnostic instruments, medical materials, treatment apparatus and equipment. For more details please check here for China's Medical Device Market brief buy TDC Research.

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17 Jun 2014 16:41

Medical equipment is one of the items Chinese suppliers to deal with. In order to help you in more useful way, we could provide a reliable and complete checked list for you - the list of Chinese suppliers for medical equipment (nursing scrubs, stethoscope, blood pressure cuffs and first aid kits. . For enquiring, please contact with DCCC or mail to: info@dccchina.org


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