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Hospitality industry in india

25 Feb 2012 16:33

India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world.I would like to tell you that i am pretty interested in indian economy and investing in india.Recently i had to attend a meeting in a deluxe hotels in ooty.From there i could understand about the emerging hospitality industry in india.I would like to know any one here interested in it?And if yes,i would like to know more about investment in hospitality industry.

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30 Jul 2012 10:20

Hi Henry,


What kind of investment and how would like to associate with Indian hospitality industry?

I have few connections which if suited to your requirement will be happy to share for you to take it further.



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09 Aug 2012 08:21

According to HKTDC Consultant Mr Rajesh Bhagat  infrastructure, logistics, supply chain and food processing are industry areas companies should explore in the booming markets of India. Mr Bhagat also advises companies to look at investing in India along with following leads in trade. Industry: Food & Beverages, Garments, Textiles & Accessories, Logistics & Transport Services. Please click on the interview with Mr Bhagat featured in TDC website.

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