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international property right Madrid protocol

15 Feb 2012 11:05

I am French and  a HK resident, I plan to use my HK company to buy a fashion brand trade mark registered in France and with a madrid protocol. Can i use the HK company to hold the French brand and the Madrid protocol, i was told by my accountant that if the HK CO owns the Madrid protocol, the HK company could not use this to apply for registration in China.  is it correct, if not how could i do it.

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18 Feb 2012 18:43

The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department has prepared a web page on the Overview of Trade Marks Registration. Please check here for reference.

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19 Dec 2012 15:07

Bonjour Lisa !

If you use your HK company to but a trademark in France and with Madrid protocol, your trademark is available all over EU, and of course you can use your HK company to register this trademark in Mainland China. And you and also register this trademark under your personal name. Both for your option. Here is Romeo Lau & Co. website : www.dmc-canto.com and email : info@dmc-canto.com  You may also get help of Trademark registration, patent, copyright and other business advices too. 

Wish you have nice business and merry Christmas !

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