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02 Feb 2012 13:08

Good day.


I'm a Singapore company and i buy China-made product for resale to other ASEAN countries. I used to get the FORM E from the factory but i do not send the original to my buyer. Instead, i issue an official letter stating that the good being supplied originates from China citing the invoice number and selling price etc. Now my buyers tells me that they need the original FORM E. Giving him this would mean letting him know the true buying price and the details of the factory. My question is:


a) Can the letter i issue be submitted to the relevant countries' custom for preferential tariff concession?

b) If the above is not possible, what alternative do i have?


Many thanks

Sandy J.

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16 Feb 2012 10:51

Since you are a Singapore company and obtains form E Certificate of Origin from China producers you can clear the goods without payment of customs duty upon entry to Singapore. When you sell these goods to other Asean countries there will not be duties involved since you are member of the Asean and trading within the Association. We therefore see no reason why your customer needs the origin copy Form E to clear customs upon entry to other Asean countries; there are no price information in the Form.   

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10 Apr 2014 08:26

Dear Moderator, does that mean as a Singaporean company I can send goods with a Form E to any other ASEAN Country directly from China? Or do I have to do a trans-shipment through Singapore before sending to eg. Malaysia? Thanks for your answer here.

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11 Apr 2014 13:37

There is no need to ship goods from China to Malaysia or any other ASEAN countries via Singapore on a Form E.

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29 Apr 2015 11:03

We are a China based importer, purchasing goods produced in Thailand from a Singaporean seller. The Singaporean company cannot get an original Form E from the Thai company, as goods aren't meant for our market. Can anyone suggest an agency that can assist with Form E?



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