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wig manufacturers

17 Dec 2011 14:15


We are looking for the Chinese manufacturers who produce wigs for the following company-  Ellen Wille. We want to sell similar same high quality wigs but under our brand name.


It would also be good to manufacture a select range of children's wigs which i find hard to purchase at present

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28 Nov 2011 14:51


We also recommend you search on HKTDC sourcing website by checking 'wigs' and find a listing of wigs manufacturers in China and in Hong Kong.

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05 Dec 2011 10:37

Content has been deleted!
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21 Dec 2011 11:13

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30 Dec 2011 11:06


what is wig?

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05 Jan 2012 11:15


Please send me an email for further discussion on the specs and details.



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16 Jan 2012 09:51


You'll have to conduct some due diligence if you really need to find out who makes wigs for this specific company.  One option is to hire a a China due diligence firm to find out who the supplier(s) of this specific company are. There's a directory of China due diligence firms at http://chinaduediligence.com .



Of course, as a first step you can always search the HKTDC sourcing website for wig makers in China and contact them to see whether they are making wigs for this specific company. Ask for a reference from the customer to make sure they supplier is telling the truth. If this doesn't work you'll probably need to hire someone with people on the ground in China.

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24 Feb 2012 14:51


As a member of Sourcing Agent in China, we know different products has its own manufacturing base in China. like Liuyang city is called the home of fireworks, whose production account for 86% of China market, this is the same case to wig, Xu Chang city is the china's biggest wig manufacturing base.

If need assistance of sourcing manufacturers or verifying your suppliers, free to contact me for more info. stin002@yahoo.com



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15 Jun 2012 15:03


You can go visit below fair


China International Hair Products Fair


Venue: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, China


Date: Aug. 31-Sept. 02, 2012



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11 Jul 2012 14:41


Thanks Sophie Xiao for this information. I was looking for this for a long time. Big Thanks!




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28 Dec 2012 16:53


A wig is a head of hair made from, human hair, other animal hairs, feathers and or syntheitc materials which is worn on the head for fashion or various other aesthetic and stylistic reasons. Hong Kong used to be a leading manufacurer and exporter of wigs for exports in the 70's. 

by carrie - 30 Dec 2011 11:06

what is wig?

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05 Jan 2013 10:49


Hi there, do you find at last the name manufacturer of Ellen wille wigs?

I want to buy wigs directly from them, please any information, let me know.

Thank you so much

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12 Jan 2013 11:23


Would you know when the next trade show will be held for wig and hairpiece manufacturers in china? Will their be an exhibit this year? We are interested in dealing direct to make our human hair rates more competitive whilst not comprising on quality.

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20 Oct 2014 15:39


If you want to buy direct to Ellen Wille, please let me know. I have some contacts.


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29 Aug 2016 19:58


It's helpful for all people in china growing business it's challenging.

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