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Best Time to Upload Product Information

25 Feb 2010 09:54

When will be the best timing to upload my product information onto your site? Any best season / period?
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17 Mar 2010 10:38

Unless there is a specific sourcing cycle for your industry, in general, we would recommend you to upload product information as early as possible and update your products regularly in order to fully maximize the benefits hktdc.com could bring.
Also, you may want to pay special attention to our trade fairs period and upload new product information at least 2 months before fair starts. As many fair visitors would like to do online sourcing to plan their visiting route and make initial contact with suppliers before they come to Hong Kong, it would therefore be critical for your products to be online first before the buyers could find you.

For more details, you may register to join our DIY Advanced Course by sending email to supplier@hktdc.org or contacting us at (852) 1830668.

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13 Mar 2012 17:26

Not involved at all, just heard about it and wonder if you'd still recommend Cart66 over it.Just FYI, my company builds, markets, supports and maintains WordPress plugins for companies that distribute to their customers and clients, and currently I'm a moderator over at WordPress Answers.

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