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SME Mentorship Programme

28 Feb 2011 09:22

I am a designer who would like to establish my own business. What is the criteria to join the SME Mentorship Programme? Am I allowed to choose my own mentor? How often am I going to meet my mentor?

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28 Feb 2011 17:47

In your application of 2011/12 SME Mentorship Programme, you need to select three categories of advice to be sought and prioritise with preferred choices and also elaborate on the operational problems currently encountered by yourcompany in relation to these categories selected. You can indicate your preference of Co-organisers (listed in the application form) for nominating a mentor for you. The Trade and Industry Department will try to match a mentor for you inaccordance with your preferences. The application for the 2011/12 SME Mentorship Programme will expire on 18 March 2011. Click here for more details of the programme.

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