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Import duty and taxes levied on importing Zinc sulphate, from china to india

06 Sep 2010 15:36


I want to know the taxes, duties, etc. levied by indian and chinese government to import ZINC SULPHATE Agro Chemical, and other chemicals from china. thank you

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07 Sep 2010 14:58


India import duty for other sulphate (classified under HS 2833 29 90) from China and many other countries  is 10% plus other duty or tax that may be applicable. There is no export tax for same in China.

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09 Sep 2010 10:41


Dear Sir, 

              Thanks for your reply, i was asking about Zinc sulphate in particular, HS 28332610, are their any taxes, duties levied??


thank you.

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11 Sep 2010 10:39


There is no specific tariff classification for zinc sulphate or HS 28332610 in India Customs Tariff. In fact import duty for all sulphates coming under HS heading 2833 are levied at 10%. 

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11 Sep 2010 10:33


Thank again for your reply, sir as Zinc sulphate, Zinc Mono, are Agro based products they are coming into Duty Free, but only one site is supporting it, i still not clear if it is still not there ref: http://www.infodriveindia.com/Notifications/Regarding-excise-duty-on-Agriculture-21626.aspx

please can u help with it, to clear thanks in advance.

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11 Sep 2010 10:44


The link you provided refers to India EXCISE DUTY having been waived for the captioned sulphate, but not the customs duty which remains 10% according to the country's customs tariff for 2010.

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28 May 2013 09:09


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07 Dec 2016 23:32

You can view indian import duty of zinc suophate product at https://www.seair.co.in/custom-duty/zinc-sulphate.aspx

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