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Remittance & Money Exchange Business in HKG

15 Oct 2010 17:16


Dear All,

Anyone with an idea on how to setup a Remittance and Money Exchange company in HKG? We are a Singapore based company wanting to setup in HKG.


How difficulty to get HKMA approval and the setup cost?



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16 Sep 2010 16:44


That is very easy only kindly call me at 62121272

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20 Sep 2010 10:12


The current registration scheme is presently administered by Hong Kong Police under the Organized and Serious Crimes Ordinance. The Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau has now proposed a new legislation on the customer due diligence and record-keeping requirement for financial institutions and the regulation of Remittance Agents and Money Changers. The regulation will be administered by the Customs and Excise Department. Under the proposed legislation, a licensing system would replace the current registration scheme. Please click here for the proposed legislation and consultation paper.

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15 Oct 2010 11:26


Please contact me we want to explore remittance tie-up/partnership with your firm.

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16 Oct 2010 12:19


Plese read Chapter 6 in detail of the Consultation Paper mentioned in Moderator reply on 20 Sept. and note that that licensing authority of the captioned business in Hong Kong remains the Police Department until the new legislation is enforced.

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18 Oct 2010 10:53


Hi erwin... Can you give your contact details? Thanks.

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18 Oct 2010 12:14


Hello, I am representing Robinsons Bank Philippines my contact details: email: erwin.olazo@robinsonsbank.com.ph

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01 Nov 2010 10:03




I believed that you have read the new regulation for setting up a Remittance & Money Exchange Business in HkG through the other sources.  In fact, I have clients who are running the said business.  Our clients would share the experience upon request.


Please contact us at info@metoproassociates.com.hk or surf our web sites for more details.

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07 Dec 2016 23:34




my name is Ayman, i am interested in setting up a company in HK to deal with remittance or team up with al lready extisting registered company....

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