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Import tariff in China

06 Feb 2004 07:46

What are the percent of the taxes that I have to pay for the import of wet blue cow split leather to China? And where I can check the taxes rate? Thanks
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06 Feb 2004 07:47

The import tariff for the mentioned product in China is 7% plus 17% value added tax. You can check the import tariffs for many countries around the world in TDC’s Business InfoCentre. For details please click: http://infocentre.tdctrade.com/
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20 Sep 2004 09:24

What is the current customs tariff of membrane keyboard (plastic)
in China?
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20 Sep 2004 09:25

We presume that the keyboard is for computer. The import tariff in 2004 for such product in China is 12% plus 17% value added tax.
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27 Jul 2005 18:24


What is the difference between general (%) and MFN (%)? Which tax rate should I refer to if I am selling to China from
a) WTO member countries
b) Non WTO member countries

What does S.P.(%) Custody Condition denotes.

Pls advise accordingly.
Thank you

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28 Jul 2005 10:15

Most favoured nations (MFN) rates apply to WTO members and nations who have established trade relations with China. They are much lower than the General rates which apply to non-MFN nations.

China imports from most countries are subject to MFN rates. S.P. stands for special preference and the import duty rates are even lower than the most favoured nation rates, to be applied to those nations who have signed trade agreements with China, e.g. the Association of South East Asia Nations (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.), and Hong Kong under the Closer Economic Partnership Arranegement.

Custody Conditions Codes denote supporting documents required for customs control in the mainland.

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21 Jun 2006 17:39

We want to import from computer parts from US to Shanghai (e.g. HDD, motherboard, RAM, etc). What is the import tax and VAT?
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12 Jul 2006 09:39

There is no duty levied on imports of computer parts into China. But 17% VAT is charged.
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25 Oct 2006 10:29

We want to sell 'beauty' items (HS code: 3304) from Japan to China. Shall we pay the MFN rate of 10% or General rate of 150%. What is INR (Initiating Negotiating Right)? Do all the members of WTO apply the MFN rate or only the country with INR?
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04 Nov 2006 15:04

China Imports of beauty items such as perfumes, cosmetics are subject to 10% customs duty in addition to 17% VAT for impors from most favoured nations (MFN) including Japan. MFN in China refers to countries and territories which have trade relations with China. Most WTO meembers are treated with MFN rates. We are not too sure of the INR you refer to.
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05 Nov 2006 12:06

Be careful when importing cosmetic products into China as they are also subject to a strict approval/testing process which requires 6 months or more to complete before the goods can enter.

Further, there is a additional 30% consumption tax that may be levied on your products if they are considered "high class" products... unfortunately, the government has not defined what this means, so we are all still sitting around wondering about this. At present, this consumption tax is not be levied, but the premium players in China, such as Estee Lauder, are gradually raising their retail prices now on the assumption that it will eventually be levied on them.

thomas at innovatize.com

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28 Apr 2008 15:11


Dear Sir or Madam, can you please inform us how much does customs import tariff for importing canned seafood in China. We are planing to import canned seafood (sardines, mackerel, tuna, anchovies, fish pate, fish salad). Can you confirm that the VAT in China for this product is 17%. Best regards Mirna Rovinj
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27 May 2008 11:53

China import duty for canned fish classified under HS 16042019 is rated 12% plus 17% VAT.
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15 Jul 2008 09:47


May I ask what the official import tariff for Live and frozen Lobster sold directly into China? I understand that there is 17% VAT, but I do not understand what official Tariff is. The products are Indonesia and of Australian origin.
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02 Sep 2008 10:47


China import duty for live and frozen lobster classified under HS No. 03061100 is 10% plus 13% VAT for imports from most favoured nations including Indonesia and Australia.
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04 Sep 2008 09:31

Can you please tell me the tariff rate for importing fresh and canned fruits from Thailand to Guangdong, China? Is there any incentives from the government?
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26 Sep 2008 11:35

What is the import tariff in China for importing the below three products from India (1) low voltage magnetic transformers below 1KVA. (2) Electronic power supply boards (electronic transformers) below 150Watts. (3) LED/Halogen/CFL based low voltage lighting fixtures?? If the products goes to Hongkong, is it duty free there for the importer there?? After customs clearance in Hongkong duty free, can he take the container to Shanghai or other cities without any duty in China??
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02 Oct 2008 10:38

Would much appreciate if you let us know the current import duty, if any, for frozen Alaskan Pollack (fish) thanks.
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08 Oct 2008 09:38

Is there a website source for Tariffs rates in China? I need rates for goods classified in 2901.24, 2905.32, 2909.49, 2921.21, 3901.10, 3901.20, 3901.90, 3903.19, 3903.90, 3907.20 & 3907.30. Thank you.
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15 Nov 2008 14:53

for sridhar 26 Sept: China import duty in 2008 for mentioned item 1) under HS 85043190 is 5%; item 2) under 85044014 is 7%; and item 3) under HS 853931 is 8%. VAT 17% will also be levied in all these imports. There is no import duty levied in Hong Kong if the goods goes there. Same duty rates will be applied when the goods are shipped to China via Hong Kong.
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