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Buying a bike

11 Jun 2010 08:07


Hello I'm going to buy a bike. Counld someone help me to choose best parameters ang good price? If you are interested to help me please replay for this post. Best regards Dzambork [url=http://www.docum.jevos.waw.pl]Your Docum[/url] [url=http://www.film.jevos.waw.pl]Best films[/url]
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11 Jun 2010 11:39

You may go to Bike Suppliers at hktdc.com and make use of the “Enquire” function to contact the suppliers you are interested in.  


You are also most welcome to post a Buying Lead at hktdc.com to let suppliers know your specific requirements so that suppliers could contact you directly.  


Even though suppliers at hktdc.com are mostly looking for bulk orders, some of them may set up different minimum order quantity for their products.  You are most welcome to make use of the “Enquire” function at hktdc.com to communicate with them to find out the minimum order quantity for the particular products you are interested in.  


Should you have further queries, please contact us at webhelp@hktdc.org, or at (852) 1830668 at Hong Kong Time 0830-1800 from Monday to Friday, and 0900-1230 on Saturday.

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16 Sep 2010 10:49

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