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How do I prove your suppliers are genuine or not?

07 Jun 2010 11:39


How do I know if suppliers I wish to trade with is a scam or not? How to know suppliers listed on your website are genuine?

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08 Jun 2010 08:13

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09 Jun 2010 14:57


Suppliers’ credentials at hktdc.com are verified by world renowned third-party authentication companies including D&B and Intertek.  These verified suppliers are tagged with “D&B CheckedD&B and “Intertek VerifiedIntertek  icons on their advertising pages on hktdc.com.  


Suppliers with D&B means their information including  

1.      Company Name

2.      Address

3.      Telephone Number

4.      Fax Number

5.      Website

6.      Year of Establishment

7.      Nature of Business, and

8.  Contact Information

have been verified by D&B through D&B's Authentication & Verification procedure twice a year.  


For suppliers with Intertek it means Intertek Verified Service has already verified their certificates obtained in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility, Product Management, In-House Laboratory Management.    


In addition to D&B and Intertek, hktdc.com is also working with Ge-TS, Panjiva and Goodwill China, which provide suppliers’ import / export data for buyers’ reference.  


Besides the verifications provided by third-party authentication companies, suppliers with previous relationships with HKTDC is also a good indicator for genuine and quality suppliers.  You may identify them by looking for their “HKTDC Exhibitor” icon Exhibitor and  “Supplier Reference” icon SRI.  


To learn more, please visit our Supplier Reference section.  If you are also interested to know more about other credit checking providers in the market, you may visit  our Business Tools section as well.     


Should you have any queries, please contact us at webhelp@hktdc.org, or at (852) 1830668 at Hong Kong Time 0830-1800 from Monday to Friday, and 0900-1230 on Saturday.  

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