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Importing women shoes from China

24 Mar 2010 09:53


This may seem like a very general question but I am looking into purchasing women shoes from China however I don't know much about importing. Someone suggested going to alibaba.com and seeking out manufacturer's on there however I’m curious to know if there are more secure sites to find manufacturers. I also would love to get tips on the importing process and/or resources. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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11 May 2010 12:15

Hi, For your business, i suggest you looking for manufacturer on alibaba.com; then ask a chinese partner go check this manufacturer's registration data and credit data. And when you place order to them, ask a chinese to check the quality for you. It would be more safe. I am living in shenzhen city, guangdong province, China and i work as freelancer and now helping 2 foreign companines to do this kind of job. If you need any suggestion or help, pls feel free to contact me at any time: Email/MSN: rebecca005@hotmail.com
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25 May 2010 11:00

Goods Made-in China isn't bad.If your qty isn't too many,you may choose EMS or UPS.If you want the cost effective way,bulk shipment is a good choice.You must get the supplier or your sourcing agent do customs clearance. I live in Shunde,Foshan,GD.iF need any help,pls let me know. wilsonlan518@yahoo.com.cn

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22 Nov 2010 09:53


We are professional trading agent located in Guangzhou, China . We know all kinds of China wholesale market well. I hope to be your best purchase agent in here.


As you know, there are a big (all kinds of) fashion shoes wholsale market in our city. More detail for purchase and export pls contact contact:  hkfancy@yahoo.cn

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24 May 2013 11:09

i gaurav bathla from india coming to china to see footwear market so that i can import from china and sell in the indian domestic market.i want your help as an agent who can guide me  i will be thankful to you .i want your contact so that when i cum to china i should contact u .waiting for ur reply

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27 May 2013 10:54


I'm not familiar with women shoes even though i am sourcing agent for years for my client.

but there are some rules/hits to follow:

1. those manufacturing companies that have only a fax No. or only a mobile No. without a landland has bigger risk not sending right products to you.

2.call them personally before you place order, you might find out the calls never be pick up if something is wrong even though the phone is working

3. tell them to give you their business license as well as Boss's ID if possible---sure, pls don't use their ID to do something else...

4.tell them that you have friend who will visit their office/factory and let them send address and contact details in Chinese

5.if necessary, send a friend or third party to visit them personally instead of only calls.

6. if you find something is extremely cheaper than anyone else, pls be careful, thing is never for free...I don't mean cheap things are with problem!

7. for famous brand name products like Apple, even they are made in China, they cant sell to China market directly,

I am sourcing agent for years but still so many expected things happened....but if you do research in advance, it will reduce the risk of being fool.

if need some help or further information, pls feel free to contact me.

Email: lylxunmengtu@gmail.com


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22 Oct 2013 11:18




I m Abhinav..

Also planning to import shoes from china to india..

i think we both together will do the nice and safe deal.

reply with contact number.




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28 May 2014 08:40

I am trying to start importing shoes from China, I am starting with 4000 pairs, I want to know the legal step i need to take to bring these shoes into America legally. I have a registered business, do I need to have import licence? The other question is how do I register my brand?

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28 May 2014 11:47

Shoes are freely traded commodity among the world nations. No import or export licence is required. You can simply negotiate the terms for price and delivery with your contacts in China. If you need to find more suppliers you may search on the sourcing website of the HKTDC and locate more contacts for business negotiations. 
If you want to register a trade mark and/or design for your product please go here for more information about Intellectual Property Right Department.

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12 Jun 2014 09:44

You can simply import shoes from China to US with your US co, with the import licenses or needed details from the US customs and company requirements. For US co requirements, suggest you speak with your representative or customs in the related state.It is generally much easier and more cost effective to route the documents for your trading through your own HK company, simply because HK offers a free environment in trading, and has international banks which can handle your payments. Not to mention payments in RMB.Depending on where  you'd like to register your trademark or brand, if you'd like to register in HK, you would need to have registered a Hong Kong company first.For more info and a free consult, contact jwk@meridianp.comJune

by viv - 28 May 2014 08:40

I am trying to start importing shoes from China, I am starting with 4000 pairs, I want to know the legal step i need to take to bring these shoes into America legally. I have a registered business, do I need to have import licence? The other question is how do I register my brand?

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29 Apr 2015 15:04

Hi, Our office is in China and New Delhi. We are import/export clearing agent. You can either contact China or India to know everything. Thanks, Tanzeem +86 18368637391 +91 9999623911

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