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Updates for textile/garment quota issue in 2009

06 Jan 2009 17:52

Latest news from the chinese government showed that new quota application system will be effective from 25th,dec,2008,details as below: 1、Textile Exported to USA No Need to apply quota or any other docs;2、Textile Exported to EU No Need to apply textile export license,just need to apply General Certificate of Origin. Source:http://blog.china.alibaba.com/blog/polestarscm/article/b102-i5680459.html If any questions,You may reach us by:
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12 Jan 2011 17:33

As beginning from 1 January 2009 quantitative restraints on textile and garments exports from China to the US have been eliminated. There are no quotas required for such shipments from the mainland to the States. However the US textile manufacturers are continuing to wage lobbying campaigns in an effort to persuade the US government to extend the current anti-dumping monitoring programme on Vietnam to cover sensitive textile and apparel products from the Chinese mainland.


Upon the expiry of the EU quotas by the end of 2007, a joint system with China was then established to monitor EU imports of Chinese textiles and apparel. This system, which operated for one year, covering 8 out of the 10 formerly restricted categories, also expired on 31 December 2008. Accordingly, starting 1 January 2009, textile and clothing products originating in China no longer require any import licence or surveillance document before entering the EU.

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