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Export Chinese made Candles to EU

18 Nov 2008 12:12

On Nov 14th 2008 E.U. Commission proposed anti-dumping duty on imports of candles. We are a small Hong Kong company with candle manufacturer in China. We did not participate in the first Investigate period as we thought it would be very costly for us. Now the proposal has benefited only couple of big candle factories in China. The big companies will dominate the entire market. Where can we seek help from Hong Kong Government to keep our business survived?
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01 Dec 2008 11:10

Please check here for the HK Government Trade and Industry Department's“Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)" in respect of anti-dumping actions by the US and EU, and take particular note of Q.7 concerning how to secure a better anti-dumping duty rate in the event that an anti-dumping measure is imposed by the EU on like products originating in Mainland China.
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