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EU textile import monitoring

29 Oct 2007 17:47

It was announced on 9 October 2007 that the EU and its Member States, together with the mainland, have come to an agreement on a joint surveillance system to be set up after the expiration of the quotas at end of 2007.

The new joint surveillance system will begin on 1 January 2008 and will operate for one year. It will monitor the issuing of export licences in mainland China and the importation of the textile and clothing products into the EU. The joint surveillance system should cover 95% of textile trade, extending to 8 out of 10 categories currently subject to the current quotas, namely categories 4 (T-shirts), 5 (pullovers), 6 (trousers), 7 (blouses), 26 (dresses), 31 (brassieres), 20 (bed linen) and 115 (flax yarn).

At the same time the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles, and the China National Textiles and Apparel Council and China Association of Enterprises with foreign investment have announced that entry barriers will be imposed for qualified textile enterprises to the export to the EU. This move is intended to control China’s export and reduce friction with China’s major trading partners.

Eight categories of textile products as mentioned above will be monitored bilaterally, but no restrictions will be imposed on the product volume. With the new rule, China will issue export licences to qualified exporters, and EU will implement automatic import licensing system.

It was also mentioned that some of the new entry requirements issued by the Ministry of Commerce require companies to have a registered capital of more than RMB 500,000, more than three years of textile exports with the EU and more than US$10,000 worth of textile exports to the EU. In addition, the companies have to be an existing member of China Textile Association and ensure that there are no violation records of intellectual property rights for three years.

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30 Nov 2007 08:42

Since EU quota has been abolished, how does the govenment permit textile companies to export to these countries?
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05 Dec 2007 11:07

The China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles, China National Textile and Apparel Council, and China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment have jointly announced a set of eligibility criteria for enterprises exporting textiles to the EU under the bilateral surveillance system in 2008. The move signals the launch of a new approval mechanism governing the export of the 8 categories of textiles and clothing for exports to the EU.

To be eligible, enterprises exporting textiles to the EU must: 1. be registered at industry and commerce administration authorities in China with a registered capital of 500000 RMB or more; 2. be engaged in textiles export for two years or more; 3. a law-abiding general taxpayer; 4. have exported textiles worth US$ 10000 or more to the EU in the preceding year; 5. abiding Chinese laws and regulations, have no records of violating intellectual property right or environmental protection rules for 3 years consecutively; and 6.observe the code of practice of the respective chamber of commerce or industry association.

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22 Jan 2008 11:00

Has China changed its Export Licence Procedure for EU shipments ? Are EL´s now issued only based on shipments not on orders? Is transportation info needed for the application? Is is true that fee for EL is up to 5000 HKD ? Who can provide info about new procedure?
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25 Jan 2008 12:21

Export license management in China over 8 kinds of textile products exported to EU members shall be carried out as from 1 January 2008.
The qualifying process of enterprises exporting the textile products to the EU shall be undertaken by Chamber of China Textile Import & Export Trade, Association of China Textile Industry and Association of Foreign-funded Enterprises of China. Enterprises up to the related standards for the Export License of textile products to the EU.
Enterprises that are up to the regulated standards shall apply for the License to local department of commerce authorized by the Ministry of Commerce with export contract, written authorization of transportation (including the cargo manifest or other warrants of transportation authorization) needed.

Enterprises applying for the License online or in written form shall deliver export contract and the written authorization of transportation to the local license-issuing authority for report.

The local department of commerce shall issue the Export License within 3 working days after receiving the application with relevant. The electronic data of the License shall be collected by the Ministry of Commerce and delivered to China Customs. For more details please refer to the China Ministry of Commerce Announcement No. 91 dated 24 Jan 2008 on the issue of export licence for textiles exports to the EU.

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28 Feb 2008 08:52

Can someone help with a list of the 8 products or categories that are under the new system for 2008?
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28 Feb 2008 16:44

A double checking surveillance system for eight textile product categories originating in China was put into place and applies from 1 January 2008 until 31 December 2008. These are
category 4 (T-shirts), category 5 (pullovers), category 6 (trousers), category 7 (blouses), category 20 (bed-linen), category 26 (dresses), category 31 (bras), and category 115 (flax/ramie yarn). The two remaining categories subject to the quota system, 2 and 39, are not included in the double checking system.
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05 Mar 2008 11:39

where can i find the fees that the China government charging for the Export licenses under the new bilateral monitoring system? Thanks, Orkan Bilecen
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11 Mar 2008 11:19

We have tried to search the website of China Department of Foreign Trade responsible for issuance of trade licence for various products. We didn’t find the licence fee mentioned in the above which we believe can be rather small. You may wish to direct your enquiry to the Foreign Trade Department and see whether they can assist.
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02 Aug 2008 11:41


I have a question for shipping textile goods from Shanghai/Ningbo via Hk to final destination EU/US. The goods I am bringing from Shanghai/Ningbo to HK will have to be pick-pack and make consolidation in HK warehouse. While having the C/O and E/O consignee name to US/EU address, I was being told by China custom that it is not allow to have consignee name on shipping docs being different from HAWB consignee name. The only solution is declarate it as transshipment but under this term, I cannot open the cartons for pick and pack consolidation, is this true? Having this said, for my Southern China factories in Dongguan and Shenzhen, they have no problem in clearing the goods from China to HK as long as they clear state "Goods are export from China via HK to final destination France" on the C/O and E/L. So I am really confuse on why Shanghai and Ningbo is having this problem.
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27 Sep 2008 12:28

Please refer to this link for our reply.
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