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China quota for exporting to US and EU

28 Jul 2006 10:25

1/Buying and Selling China quota in hong kong is legal or illegal?

2/ How to allocate china quota to each company in China or hong kong?

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11 Aug 2006 10:33

Can any one answer?
Buying and Selling textile quota in Hong Kong is legal or not?
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11 Aug 2006 11:55

As you may know the global textiles and clothing quota restrictions were removed since January 2005. The quota restraints on certain categories have however been reinstated by the US and EU on such exports from China as from 2006.

Quota transfers at a premium between companies are permitted for some popular categories so as to maximize the use of the limited amount of quotas setup by the importing countries. In fact quota price information is made available from some companies.

The quota amounts are allocated to companies in China by the Chinese Government. The current system sees Beijing distribute 70 per cent of the total annual EU and US quotas to those enterprises with a sound export history. The remaining 30 per cent has been divided up into two rounds of bidding - in December last year and April. The main concern expressed by both the government and businesses is the amount of quotas that are being wasted.

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03 Oct 2006 11:45

The Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) issued a circular on 28 September 2006 on the first allocation of performance-based textile quotas for exports to the US and EU in 2007.

Performance-based in first allocation of textile quotas applies to most categoriesfor exports to the US and the EU the EU represented 50% of the negotiated quota levels for these categories in 2007.

Please check here for the details and for application in Chinese regarding the first allocation of performance-based textile quotas for exports to the EU and US in 2007.

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31 Oct 2006 17:26

Please note the above linke is not active and to be replaced here.
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10 Oct 2007 11:10

The EU has reached an agreement with China to put an end to quota restrictions for export of garment and textiles to the EU from 2008. The agreement would not limit how much China can export, but should help give European firms “predictability”, a system of joint monitoring means predictability for EU producers and traders as well as a clear picture of future developments. Chinese export licenses and European import permits will be used to track tee-shirts, sweaters, men's trousers, dresses, bras and bed linen among others.
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07 Dec 2007 18:27

Do you mean export license (provisional export license) still required for customs declaration in china?
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08 Dec 2007 09:48

As mentioned above export licence is still required for surveillance purpose.
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29 Mar 2008 12:44

I don’t understand why the EU and the US are allowed to put quotas on Chinese exports when the ATC was supposed to eliminate the quota system?
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08 Apr 2008 16:39

China agreed when it joined the World Trade Organization in 2001 to let the United States and other countries impose "safeguard" restrictions on its clothing and textile exports when they surge to market-disrupting levels.

On 8 November 2005, China and the US formally signed a comprehensive bilateral agreement on textile and clothing trade. China and the US agreed on the re-imposition of quotas from 1 January 2006 through 31 December 2008, covering a total of 21 groups involving 34 categories of textile and clothing products.

As a result of the EU-China agreement reached in June 2005, the EU imposes safeguard quotas on 10 categories of Chinese textile products for the period of 2005-2007. Upon the expiry of the quotas by the end of 2007, a joint system with China has been established to monitor EU imports of Chinese textiles and apparel. This system, which will operate for one year, covers 8 out of the 10 previously restricted categories.

Please click here for more information on the EU and US restrictions on China textiles exports.

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