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import duty for glass beads

28 Mar 2007 08:51

i would like to inquire about the import duty on glass beads from china to new delhi (india) thanks
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29 Mar 2007 09:46

We can supply the products. Daney
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29 Mar 2007 09:58

India import duty for glass beads (HS 70181020) is 12.5% for imports from most favoured nations, plus 16% additional duty or countervailing duty of 16% levied on the duty paid value. As member of the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (of which China and India are among the members), import from China origin goods may be eligible for preferential rates.
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12 Apr 2007 09:51

I am new in import market and want to import artificial jewellery and FMCG products from china, and mine requirement is less than a 20 feet container, please guide how i can import from China to India and save the extra freight
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02 May 2007 18:31

FMCG products means ‘fast moving’ consumer goods such as soaps, household cleaning products, snack food, personal care products, pet food, paper toweling paper, tissue, beverages and drinks, etc. Most people purchase these items many times a year. If you don’t have a trading office in the mainland you need to appoint an agent on your behalf to source, inspect, place order and consolidate all categories of goods and arrange delivery by freight company. To locate these agents you may wish to click on the China sourcing website provided by the TDC.
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13 Jan 2014 10:22


I import glass beads from China, where is your office

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29 Apr 2015 14:01

Hello,  this is Ben. Our Company is located in Foshan Guangdong China, we supply glass beads for decorating and making accessories to the buyers who are interested in. I can send you some photos of our glass beads, and if you like them, let me know. Then I can send you the quotation. wellben06@tom.com Contact me, thank you.

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