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China Import tariff


08 Nov 2006 10:44

for rad 31 Oct: Import duty for welding wire (classified under HS No. 8003 – tin bars, rods, and wires) are levied at a customs rate of 8% and VAT 17%. Export VAT refund rate can range from 5% and 8%. Please refer to this China VAT online enquiry website to check more details.
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10 Nov 2006 10:33

For Mikhail 30 Oct: Import of leather handbags classified under HS No. 420221 from China to the UK is levied at the rate of 3% customs duty. There is no export tax for this items in China.
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10 Nov 2006 10:49

Imports of software classified under HS No. 85243100 in China are free of customs duty, but 17% VAT will be assessed. For more common payment method please click here for reference.
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10 Nov 2006 16:11

For Dani in the previous page: Import duties for imports of skirts classified under HS 6104 (knit categories) and HS 6204 (non knit categories) from China can range widely from 14% to 17%, and to 35.3 US cents per kg. plus 25.9% depending on the kinds of materials used. Import tariffs in Mexico would even be higher.
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13 Nov 2006 16:10

What's the import tariff from Europe to China for 1) Textile Handbag 2) Leather Handbag 3) Leather Apparel 4) Leather Accessories 5) Cotton Apparel 6) Man-made fibres Apparel Thx
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Andrei Panchuk

22 Nov 2006 10:37

could you please advise: we want to deliver chips to China, to one of our subcontractors, which will install the chip (along with other components) on the PCB and send the PCB back to us. What are the taxes for the import of those chips to China (duties, taxes, VAT)? thank you in advance.
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name supplied

22 Nov 2006 13:51

What is the import tariff into China for nylon flocked furniture upholstery?
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05 Dec 2006 10:09

Hi, Moderator, I would like to export scrap silicone rubber(HS CODE:400401) from US to China. What is import tax? What is difference between Duty Rate and AV Duty Rate? Do I need to pay VAT? Thanks
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06 Dec 2006 10:58

for May: Please click here for the China Customs website which provides on-line search of 2006 tariff rates of China, by keying in relevant Harmonized System codes.
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06 Dec 2006 11:05

for Andrei Panchuk: Import tariff for chips in china is zero rated. 17% VAT will be charged. If this is involved in processing trade in the mainland the subject component will be waived all duties and taxes
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06 Dec 2006 11:37

for name supplied 22 Nov: Import tariff in China for upholstery classified under Harmonized System Codes 9401 is rated zero, but 17% VAT will be charged.
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name supplied

08 Dec 2006 14:38

My goods is Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery, what is the import tax from HongKong to Beijing ?
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22 Dec 2006 14:45

for jerry: Import duty for rubber scrap under HS Code 400410 is 8% plus 17% VAT in China. Duty rate is a general term. It can be based on volume or value. AV Duty rate is ad valorem duty (based on value) expressed as % of the value of the goods.
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22 Dec 2006 14:53

for name supplied: Import duty for lithium battery in China is 14% plus 17% VAT. Import duty may be waived if the product meets with the Hong Kong origin requirements.
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05 Jan 2007 08:59

Hello, I am writing on a paper for my Uni and a part of it is about Chinese political instruments to encourage/restrict international trade. Could you tell me something about Import duties for pharmaceuticals or some other information about current tariffs, etc.? Many Thanks!
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name supplied

10 Jan 2007 10:02

Can you please tell me the import tax for ornamental fish from Singapore to China. Are there differences between other food fishes vs ornamental fishes. Lastly are there differences in tax rate for fries and adult fish? Thank You!
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11 Jan 2007 11:39

for Julia: The import tariff rates for pharmaceuticals range from 3% and 6.5% depending on categories and imported from most favoured nations. 17% VAT would also be levied upon importation. If you want to peruse the rates for different product categories (under Harmonized System Chapter 30) please click here.
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12 Jan 2007 17:40

for name supplied 10 Jan: China import duty for ornamental fish classified under HS No. 0301.10 is 17.5% plus 13% VAT, whereas import duties for other food fish are 10 – 10.5% plus 13% VAT. Duties for fish fries are zero, but 13% VAT has to be charged.
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Alwin Wong

29 Jan 2007 10:15

does anyone know the tariff for importing Steel Sheet Pile to China? Does it have any import duty preference on ACFTA? Need this information, please help!

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07 Feb 2007 16:41

China import duty in 2007 for sheet piling of iron and steel classified under HS 7301 is 7% plus 17% VAT. A preference duty of 5% is applicable for imports of the same goods from members of the ASEAN under the ACFTA.
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