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China Import tariff

09 Sep 2006 13:32

for paul li: There are many products that can be used as car accessories and subject to different rates of duty. You need to specify the product categories before we are able to indicate the appropriate rates to you. Meantime you may wish to search such rates by checking into the website of the Guangdong Customs and try to search the information by keying in Harmonized System codes or descriptions.

There are no quotes imposed on these products in China.

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28 Sep 2006 10:24

Imports of the captioned product classified under Harmonized System code no . 94060000 are currently levied at the rate of 10% customs duty and 17% VAT in China.
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29 Sep 2006 10:06

For Carole Quemener: Import duties for cheese classified under HS 0406 are rated 12% and VAT 17% in 2006 for imports from most favoured nations. Under CEPA import duties for Hong Kong origin products may be waived.
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04 Oct 2006 10:54

Our motor racing team would like to import racing grade fuel and parts clearer from a supplier in Australia, what is the current tariff on those items? Any special procedure we needed to look out for?
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06 Oct 2006 09:28

Please let me know the Import duty and the VAT rate applicable for the following goods. 1) CNC Lathes / Turning Center (I think HS Code is 8458) 2) CNC Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers (8457) 3) Machine Tool sub-assemblies / attachments used in CNC machines Also, please inform me the website or send me the attachment where i can get more details of the sub category within these HS Codes for appropriate selection of goods. Regards and Thanks in advance, Raghu
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10 Oct 2006 18:03

Import of beer from an ASEAN country (Thailand). What are the relevant import taxes in China? If beer cost was $10 per case (12 bottles x 640ml) how would I calculate charges? Laos (also ASEAN) has 0% import duty on wine and possible beer. Would import thru Laos make any difference?
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14 Oct 2006 10:26

Hi, I would like to know the tax rates for importing clothes made in China to Mexico, or to the U.S., which would be better? If I buy a skirt for 20 U.S. dls, how much would I have to pay in taxes?
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16 Oct 2006 10:15

What is the import duties on copper tubing per metric ton and CU.LME .Thank You very much.
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20 Oct 2006 10:20

What is the import tariff rate on 0207.33 from the US to China? I cannot find it anywhere. Please advise. Thank you!
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23 Oct 2006 10:58

I would like to ask what the customs duty is for Bonded Leather (Recycled leather) imported into China. Could the customers in China get refund for the VAT if the finished products exported to other countries? Thank you very much!
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23 Oct 2006 12:33

For Raghu:

The import duty rates for the captioned:
HS 8457 – range from 5 to 9.7%; VAT 17%
HS 8458 - range from 5% to 12%; VAT 17%
Please consult the Shanghai Customs Web site (applied to all customs districts in China) for the online enquiries on HS Codes and tariff rates (the text in simplified Chinese).

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30 Oct 2006 09:23

Hi, I would like to know how much it would cost to import leather goods such as handbags from china. Thanks
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30 Oct 2006 09:29

What is the import duties, taxes and related cost when importing software from US (via CD or download) for selling to China customers? What are the areas to focus to ensure that customers in China will pay the full purchase amount of the software?
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30 Oct 2006 17:01

for B Ho: Import of motor fuels in China classified under Harmonized System Codes 2710 are rated 9% customs duty and 17% VAT for imports from most favoured nations, including Australia. No special requirements for imports of these goods into the country.
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31 Oct 2006 10:27

Please what are the customs duties, VAT and export rebates for welding wire. Thank you in advance.
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03 Nov 2006 09:53

for PNT: Import duty of beer in China is rated zero for imports from most favoured nations (MFN) including the ASEAN countries, in addition to 17% VAT. For non MFN nations the duty for beer is charged on a specific basis, at 7.5 yuans per litre.

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03 Nov 2006 10:20

for name supplied 16 Oct: Import duties in China for copper tubing under HS Nos 7411 are charges at the rates of 4% (refined copper) and 7% (copper alloy), plus 17% VAT.
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04 Nov 2006 11:35

for name supplied 23 Oct: Duties for imports of waste leather in China are charged 14% plus 17% VAT.
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04 Nov 2006 13:52

for Rad: Import duty for soldering wire in China is 8% plus 17% VAT.
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06 Nov 2006 11:17

The Chinese Government announced on 14 September 2006 some adjustments on tax rebate rates for certain exports and the expansion of the prohibited category under the export processing trade (Circular No.139).

According to this circular, all products for which export tax rebates have been abolished this time and earlier now come under the prohibited category and tariffs and import-related taxes are imposed on these goods. Customs have also stopped filing export processing trade contracts under this category.

The expansion of the prohibited category covers a wide scope and involves goods of nearly 400 tariff codes. The sectors affected include food, papermaking, packaging, leather, metals and batteries.

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