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China Import tariff


25 Feb 2006 09:01

Import duty of lead crystal glassware of a kind used for table or kitchen purpose under HS 7013.3100 is charged at 24.5 % in 2006 for imports from most favoured nations including Austria, plus 17% VAT. Import tax consists of import customs duty, VAT and consumption tax (not applicable to lead crystal products). In this case the total tax would be about 46% of the value of the product.
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25 Feb 2006 09:05

For Lee: There is no specific classification for hair colorant in China’s Harmonized System code, but grouped under the “other preparations for use on the hair – HS 3305.9000” the import duty for which is 10% in 2006, plus 17% VAT.
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02 Mar 2006 17:51

Hi Moderator, how much is the import tax for server. i'm going to ship out the items from Singapore to shanghai. thanks.
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03 Mar 2006 11:00

Import of automatic data processing units are taxed at zero rate in China for imports from most favoured nations, including Singapore. VAT 17% is to be charged.
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06 Mar 2006 17:42

For Vi Ton: You are right. There are only a few commodities that are levied in export taxes. The list of products you mentioned above are all free of export tax in exports from China.
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Vi Ton

08 Mar 2006 08:47

thanks a lot for your verification. DO ZE SAI.
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Vi Ton

17 Mar 2006 10:05

Dear moderator,

we want to export "enameled copper wire" to China. I found out that the import custom tax in China for this product is 10% (cif-value). Are there any other costs i have to calculate with? (for example the customs inspection fee 0,4% of custom value?)

Can you kindly list them up, because i want to do an accurate calculation?

thanks a lot for efforts.

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30 Mar 2006 17:22

The import duties of various categories of copper wire under HS No. 7408 should be between 4 and 8% in China (please see http://forum.tdctrade.com/forum/Forum7/HTML/000368.html), levied on CIF value of import and other related expenses, e.g. the mentioned the inspection fee.
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01 Apr 2006 10:10

Hi moderator, I would like to ask if I want to export apparel out of China. Would there be any tax charged?
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25 Apr 2006 14:34

Hey moderator!
I was just wondering what the import tariff for importing "Machines operated by laser or other light or photon beam processes"?
Tariff code is 8456.
Cheers in advance!
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25 Apr 2006 16:55

The China import duties in 2006 for the captioned machinery imported from most favoured nations are: a) operated by laser zero percent, b) by ultrasonic processes 10% c) by numerically controlled 9.7%. VAT 17% will also be levied.
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03 May 2006 10:03

if anyone knows the tariff on chinese goods brought to america.
please emial me at kopykat2@hotmail.com its for a economics project.
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name supplied

16 May 2006 08:42

I am curious to know the taxes involved for importing boot brushes from China to USA. They are polyresin shoe brush, similar to these. http://www.srtyh.com/
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18 May 2006 10:44

There is no specific commodity classification for the mentioned item in the US Harmonized Tariff Schedules. The import duty for other brushes which may include the mentioned item is 8%.
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21 May 2006 12:26

for rh: Please refer to the website of the Harmonized Tariff Schedules of the USA and key in relevant codes to obtain tariff rates.

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21 May 2006 12:29

Fpr Apparels: There is no export tax levied on exports of apparels from China.
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name supplied

26 May 2006 17:49

What is the tariff rate of importing jam, honey and mooncake to China?

Thank you very much!

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28 May 2006 11:46

For rh (03 May) Please refer to the Harmonized Tariff Schedules of the United States compiled by the US International Trade Commission, and key in the relevant commodity codes for the rates of duties.
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name supplied

31 May 2006 11:20

Would like to know the import duty rate for importing light bulbs
to different cities in China, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Qingdao and Shenzhen.
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05 Jun 2006 14:43

Import duty in China (all customs districts) for lighting lamps from most favoured nations is charged at 17.5% plus 17% value added tax.
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