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China Import tariff

23 Dec 2005 14:42

Dear Sir,
Please tell me that what is the import duty on polyproplene webbing in China, if imported from a) Singapore, and b) India. Please reply at your earliest. Thanks,

Vishal Guptha.

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25 Dec 2005 10:31

The import duties in China for polypropylene is 9.7% for imports from most favoured nations including Singapore and India, plus 17% value added tax. The import duty for certain type of polypropylene imported from Singapore may be zero under the Free Trade Agreement between China and the ASEAN countries. Please provide the Harmonized System Code no.
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27 Dec 2005 17:11

For Name supplied (11 Dec): In general shipment of goods which have not actually left the customs port (or district/country) of China cannot be considered as exports. Hence VAT and other export related tax refunds cannot be accepted. However you may wish to consider using the bonded logistics parks in Shanghai or Shenzhen.
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29 Dec 2005 10:39

Thank you for the recent help you have been providing me---it is
much appreciated.

As to "activated clays" imported into China under HS Code 3802.90.2000
,what is the duty rate and the V.A.T. rate?

Thank you

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29 Dec 2005 10:56

The closest HS code no in China 38029000.90 (activated natural mineral products; other animal black, including spent animal black) the import duty is 10% and VAT 17%.
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29 Dec 2005 11:45

For name supplied (16/12) Import of wicker works and other basket works from China to the UK or other EU members are levied at a duty of 3.7%. Under the EU GSP the duty would be rated zero if a valid Form A Certificate of Origin is produced.
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07 Jan 2006 11:53

Could you please tell me the tariff for crystal jewelry? Thanks.
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07 Jan 2006 13:11

Import duty for imitation jewellery (including crystal) is charged at 35% in China for imports from most favoured nations, in addition to 17% value added tax. If the product is originated from Hong Kong and fulfilling the Hong Kong origin requirements the import duty would be levied at zero rate under the CEPA.
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15 Jan 2006 12:23


Dear moderator,

is it true that raw hide importation in China will support a new custom tax? Where can I find more information about this topic? Many thanks in advance and congratulations for your work !

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23 Jan 2006 10:18

Import duties of raw hides and skins of bovine or equine animals are levied at between 5% and 8% in China in 2005 for imports from most favoured nations, plus 17% value added tax. These rates may be expected to come down a little in 2006. You may wish to peruse further details of China import tariffs on hides and skins by putting relevant harmonized system codes in China customs website.
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24 Jan 2006 11:16

I would like to know what is the current import tariff for importing the crystal into China?
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30 Jan 2006 10:27

Hi Moderator, I was wondering what will be the tariff for importing a refrigerated cooler that is used in hospital to transport blood and other temperature sensitive medical supplies. Thank you.
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31 Jan 2006 15:48

For name supplied: If you are referring to glass articles of lead crystal the customs duty rate is 10%; glass and tableware of lead crystals 24.5%, both to include 17% value added tax.
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08 Feb 2006 09:28

Dear Moderator,

can you also help me out with information about export tariffs ? In management literature i encountered that there are no export custom tariffs to pay, except for goods like lead, zinc, copper, scrap metal or steel.

We want to import flexible insulation materials (HS-Code: 560313 and 560314) and coated glass yarn sleevings (HS: 701990)from China to Germany. Are there any export custom taxes to pay for those materials ?

Thanks for your support in advance. By the way, this service is great.

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10 Feb 2006 11:50

import duties on 30% lead crystal from austria. Please let me know the % for duties and possible % for VAT and what the calculation basis is. thanks
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10 Feb 2006 12:00

Would you please tell me what is the current import tariff for hair colorant? I can not find it on the tariff schedule. thank you very much
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11 Feb 2006 12:24

To Lee:
You seem to be interested in the cosmetics market in China. This is an area is which I have many years of experience, so feel free to email me with any questions you may have on the market in general. My experience includes hair coloring as well as other personal care product markets here. As for import duties, the moderators here are the experts on these issues. thomas at innovatize dot com
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11 Feb 2006 12:25

Dear Moderator
I need to import a replacement lamp from Japan for $200US for an LCD Projector as it is unavailable locally. What percentage duty should I expect to pay.
Thank You
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14 Feb 2006 11:24

import duties on 30% lead crystal from austria. Please let me know the % for duties and possible % for VAT and what the calculation basis is. thanks
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16 Feb 2006 11:07

For Armstrong: Import duty in China for electrical lamp and light fittings is 10%, plus 17% VAT.
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