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China Import tariff

03 Sep 2005 16:25

Hello again, I finally could translate the import tariffs 2005
from the page: http://www.shcus.gov.cn/spgl/catalog.dw
but there are not the tarrifs of all of the items, for example: the tariff of the 22041000 (beer) is not there. Does ir mean that it doesn't have to pay import tariff? Thanks
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03 Sep 2005 17:12


The import duty for the captioned item 'beer' is subject to specific rate that is on per litre basis instead of ad valorem rate. In 2005 the GENERAL specific rate for this commodity is 7.5 RMB per litre whereas imports from most favoured nations the specific duty is zero.
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15 Sep 2005 11:05

do you know the import tax for brass rods ? are there different taxes for each province or is it the same everywhere in china ?
thank you very much for your help!
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16 Sep 2005 15:11

The import tax of copper bars and rods under HS code No. 74071000 in China in 2005 is charged at the rate of 4% for imports from most favoured nations, plus 17% value added tax. These rates are the same in every customs border in the mainland.
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16 Sep 2005 16:09

If I am importing a container load of bath towels how much tax do I have to pay. And what website will tell me all the other product prices thanks
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24 Sep 2005 15:59

The import duty rate for towels in China in 2005 are charged at 14% for imports from most favoured nations. A 17% value added tax will also be charged. The information is extracted from the Shanghai Customs website.
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27 Sep 2005 11:42

dear moderator
thank's a lot for your quick response to my question , but what if I want to export brass rods (tax code 740721100000p)from France and not from a most "favoured nation"
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27 Sep 2005 16:57

Import of the captioned item (copper –zinc base alloy rods and bars) is levied at the import duty rate of 7% in China. The status of Most Favoured Nations (MFN) refers to countries and regions that have trade relations with China. France is among one of these nations. In fact most of the countries in the world are treated with the MFN status in China.
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02 Oct 2005 15:58

Please advise what is the import tariff for buffalo,cow,goat and
sheep semifinished and finished leather to be imported to China from
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11 Oct 2005 08:58

China imports of hides and skins of bovine from most favoured nations (including India) are subject to import duty rates of between 5% and 8.4%; hides and skins of sheep or lamb 7% and 14%; other hides and skins 9% and 14%. Value added tax of 17% is to be levied at the time of importation.
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19 Oct 2005 08:49

I am a student working on an international business project involving the importation of a product that cleans coal burning systems in China. The process is known as coal gasification, and basically is a big help to the environment. I think the import rate might be under tariff heading 8404 on the APEC web site. However, I am not very sure on how to apply the rest of the chart to my product (there are many different ad valorem tax rates). Do you know which one is the correct rate? Or do you where could I find more information on getting an accurate rate for the importation of this product? Thanks.
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30 Oct 2005 16:13

I am planning to export olive oil to China. But I am not clear about the customs tax ? is it 30% or 11.9% ?
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31 Oct 2005 10:03

Import duty for olive oil in China is charged at 10% for imports from most favoured nations, VAT is 13% for crude and 17% for refined olive oils.
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01 Nov 2005 11:36

For Jim Skinner: We believe the mentioned product is classified under HS code no. 8405 - Producer gas or water gas generators, with or without their purifiers; acetylene gas generators and similar water process gas generators, with or without their purifiers. If you click on the China Customs and find the listed import duty rate is 14% for the generators, and 8% for their parts and accessories. These rates are for imports from most favoured nations.
The higher rate of 35% is the general rate applied to imports from countries that have not established trade relationship with China. VAT (value added tax) is 17% levied on imports of this product.
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01 Nov 2005 15:26

I would like to send a mixed box of small gifts to a friend in
China via the post from USA. The box includes small inexpensive
handcrafted artworks, a few clothing items (t-shirts) and approx 20 DVDs (old classic American films and TV shows from 1950s) for my good friend who has suffered a recent personal tragedy and would really love to have the films to cheer him up. I am not a business, but just a private person who cares very much about my friend's happiness and well being. The value of everything in the box would be close to $50.00 USD.

My question is if my friend in China would have to pay any taxes or tariff for any of these items, if so, how much? Also, would it be
considered excessive to send so many DVDs all at once, or if it would be better to split them up to send over time if that would be more

Thank you very much for your time.

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03 Nov 2005 10:38

You should state clearly the box is a personal gift with descriptions of the contents and its approximate value. We believe that the stated value is within the permitted amount for personal gift and will not be taxed. However the DVD's may subject to examination by the Customs authority.
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17 Nov 2005 10:49

What is the Custom Duty for Machineries under HS Classification
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30 Nov 2005 17:07


Could you pls provide me with the import tariff for polyethylene and
polypropylene for China and Hong Kong for 2006?


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01 Dec 2005 16:56

I would like to find out the VAT percentage on Australian imported butter into China. Are there any other tariffs that need to be paid? Thanks.
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02 Dec 2005 10:58

Could you tell me please the tax rate for sending musical vinyl (black
record discs) of size 12 inches diameter to China? Will I be taxed on
weight or per individual item sent? (my intention is to send several
hundred of these items on a once-per-month basis).

Thank you very much for your help.

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