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China Import tariff

19 May 2005 18:31

Is it true that importing from Hong Kong will have no importing
tax charge. Please recommend me.
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21 May 2005 11:30

Under the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) signed by China and Hong Kong, a total of 1087 categories of products originated from Hong Kong will enjoy zero tariffs in the Mainland. For the summery of goods subject to zero tariffs under CEPA I and CEPA II, please click here for the Hong Kong Government Trade and Industry Department website.
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27 Jun 2005 18:01

I have consulted to the CCPIT website, but I am disappointed to find that the HS code is quite old which refer to the year 2004.

China has revised the tariff since the beginning of 2005, Anyone who want to check China's tariff rate pls go to Shanghai Customs' website: http://www.shcus.gov.cn/spgl/catalog.dw

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27 Jun 2005 18:13

What tax is for export of power cable to China? Does this tax is the same for Russian exporters and Indian one?
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01 Jul 2005 17:26

The import duties for power cable can range from zero percent to 20% for imports from most favoured nations (including India and Russia) depending on different categories. If you can specify the type of cable or indicate the 8 digit Harmonized System code of the product we can quote a correct rate of import duty.
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14 Jul 2005 10:33

You have mentioned the reduced tariffs rates for 2005. Are there
any governmental quota restrictions placed on textile and apparel products entering into China? If so where can I find the link.
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15 Jul 2005 11:30

Hi Moderator

What's the tarrif for importing Bluetooth Headsets? Thanks.

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15 Jul 2005 15:11

The rate of duty for imports of headphones/earphones into China is zero from most favoured nations. Value added tax is charged at 17%.
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15 Jul 2005 16:21

For T above:
There are no quota restrictions on textiles and clothing imports into China. But there are quota restrictions on exports of textiles and clothing from China. Please click here for the textile quota crisis.
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29 Jul 2005 18:23

Hi moderator, how about home audio speakers? what's the import
tax and duties?
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29 Jul 2005 18:36

The China import duty for loud speakers, whether or not mounted in their enclosures is charged at 10%, plus 17% value added tax in 2005.
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04 Aug 2005 09:20

What is the import tax for microphone be it wired or wireless?
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04 Aug 2005 09:50

The import duty rate for microphones in China is 10% plus 17% value added tax for imports from most favoured nations.
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08 Aug 2005 13:44

I was going through the china custom import tax code and all is
in Chinese. Do you know if there is any English website to check the code?
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08 Aug 2005 13:49

The English version of the China import tariffs can be found in the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) website. However we find that the tariff information is not updated to 2005. Anyway you want to try the APEC site please click here . You need to register as user for free before you can search on it.
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13 Aug 2005 10:10

In the whole chapter 22, Do I have to add the VAT to the MFN
rate? What about the "exercise rate" and the "combined duty and tax rate"?
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13 Aug 2005 10:12

I have already found the tariffs for the whole 22nd chapter in the APEC page you suggested, but I`d like to have a more recent source for 2005, the problem is that the pages I`ve found are all in Chinese. Could you send me please a page in English? Thanks
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13 Aug 2005 10:15

I am involved in scrap metal imports to China. The Chinese VAT rate of 17% on the selling price will be charged, right? Given it is a
Value-Added Tax, is there any way for the foreign supplier to recover its VAT paid elsewhere to its source? Otherwise the value-addedness is a bit misleading.
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13 Aug 2005 12:30

For Mitzi: The "combined duty and tax rate" is the aggregate of all duty and tax applicable to the captioned product. The "excise duty" refers generally consumption tax applicable to wines and spirits and tobacco etc. If the space is blank then no such tax is required.

If you want to have the English translation of the same Chapter 22 found in the APEC you need to visit the TDC Business InfoCentre and requested for the printed publication on the China Customs Tariffs for 2005. If you just want to find the 2005 tariff rates for the corresponding HS codes please click here for the CCPIT website which is in Chinese.

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14 Aug 2005 15:29

For name supplied: In general the importers are the taxpayers of VAT in the mainland. When the importers re-sell the goods to another buyer the VAT payable will be the output VAT less input VAT. In this case the input VAT is the VAT paid on imported goods.
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