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China Import tariff

12 Feb 2007 10:36

I want to export pet food from Europe to China. What is the import duty that applies? What is the VAT to be applied in China? To what extent Hong Kong can be used to lower the import duty? Does the pet food have to be totally produced in Hong Kong?
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23 Feb 2007 15:31

The China import duties for pet food classified under HS 2309 are: cat or dog food 15% plus VAT 13%; mixed feeds or mixed feed ingredients 5% and 6.5%, plus VAT 17% and 13% for imports from most favoured nations. If the goods are manufactured in Hong Kong and meeting with Hong Kong origin criteria, zero rate of duty may apply.
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24 Feb 2007 09:36

We are licensee's for Disney Ceramic Tableware. We manufacture in China and we are currently acquiring the license to sell within China. What are the taxes we need to pay since we are manufacturing here and would like to retail our products here also.
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02 Mar 2007 10:11

what is the tariff rate for exporting laundry soap (made from coconut oil) from philippines to china? are there any other expenses like vat and taxes that i need to know?
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07 Mar 2007 11:37

For Neesha: Please ascertain the status of your manufacturing concern in the mainland with the licensor and the trade and commerce bureau whether the production is exclusively for exports and whether you have the right to sell domestically. There is no import tax for you to sell your products locally except VAT.
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09 Mar 2007 09:41

For name supplied: China import duty in 2007 for soaps classified under HS No. 3401-1901 imported from most favoured nations including Philippines are 10% and VAT 17%. No special requirements for importing these goods into China.
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13 Mar 2007 17:17

I want to export our product from vietnam to china, rubber glover (HS code is 4015). Could someone tell me the china import tariff, pls? And could you email to us if you don't mind. Thank you so much.
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16 Mar 2007 09:46

Hi, I need to know what's the import tariffs for importing of cake baking powder and ice-cream into China. Please advise!
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21 Mar 2007 15:32

for Ms Tam: China import duties in 2007 for rubber gloves (HS Codes 4015) for surgical or medical use are 8% plus 17% VAT; rubber gloves for other use are 15% to 18% plus 17% VAT.
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22 Mar 2007 10:16

Hello there, I would appreciate some help with the import/export tariffs when shipping between China mainland and the EU. The products in question are raw copper cables (signal and power) and plastic/metal connectors and covers (e.g. D-sub). I understand there’s a "refund" if the parts are imported to China, assembled, and then exported again.? The rumour is also that there are different tariffs for piece parts and already assembled goods...? Does anybody know? Or preferably, can someone provide me with info on where to find the info?
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24 Mar 2007 10:25

What is the tariff for HS code 39011000? Thanks!
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02 Apr 2007 09:21

Hello, I am trying to import Archery items into China from Taiwan. Could you tell me if there is a special rate for Taiwan and what the rate for importing these sporting goods would be? It's about $8000USD worth.
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03 Apr 2007 10:44

Hi, I would like import made in italy clothes to sell them in my shop that i will open soon( not famous brands), what kind of import tax and other import costs i need to pay? about 250 clothes at month Thank you for your reply!
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03 Apr 2007 11:14

for swee 16 Mar: China import duties in 2007 for baking powder (HS 2102.30) is 25% plus 17% VAT; ice cream (HS 2105.00) is 19% plus 17% VAT.
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06 Apr 2007 09:37

Dear moderator, can you please tell the duty rates for pork imports from Russia? Is there a difference for different cuts (frozen boneless neck, shoulder, ham)? Or is there a link that you could advise? How are the duty rates calculated - from some basic prices (customs database) or from contract prices? And VAT?
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10 Apr 2007 15:59

Found a website where you can find China Customs duties of 2007 in English. http://www.chinatradestudy.com/
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10 Apr 2007 16:09

For Brad 24 Mar: China import duty in 2007 for the captioned HS code (polyethylene) is 7.8% plus 17% VAT.
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10 Apr 2007 16:19

for Jonah Zel 2 April: China import duty in 2007 for archery articles and equipment is 12% plus 17% VAT for imports from most favoured nations. No special rate for imports from Taiwan.
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10 Apr 2007 16:33

for Ramontanes 3 April: China import tariff for clothing can range from 14% to 25% (plus 17% VAT) depending on categories. Please refer to the above hyperlink on China Tariff 2007 provided by David and key in Chapter 61 (knit categories) and 62 (non knit categories) to obtain specific rates.
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10 Apr 2007 17:00

for Victor 6 April: Please refer to China Tariff 2007 and input HS headings 0202 and 0203 to obtain specific rates for frozen and chilled/fresh meat of swine in China. The customs duty will include rates of import tariff and VAT on the customs value of the goods which would include the cost, insurance, freight and other expenses associated with the delivery of the imported goods.
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