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China Import tariff

10 Nov 2004 10:47


Could you please let know where I can access the Import& Export Tariff Rates in China? Have searched many time in Google but failed.
The laws are not so transparent. Many thanks.
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11 Nov 2004 09:26


China tariff schedules information can be perused, apart from TDC's Business InfoCentre, in the following websites:
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation: http://www.apectariff.org
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade: http://www.ccpit.org/servlet/org.servlet.GenTariffFrontServlet?actionType=QuerySectionListEn
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22 Nov 2004 18:25


What is the import tax for medical equipment replacement parts
such as bulbs, screws, plastic accessories?
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22 Nov 2004 18:30


Please provide more detail product descriptions or Harmonized System Code information before the tariff rates can be identified. You may wish to click on the two websites mentioned above and search the tariff rates required.
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28 Dec 2004 11:04


What is the current custom tariff of electronic parts (ie, IC,
capacitors, resistors, cables etc) in China? What product codes would
they be categorised under when declaring for custom clearance?
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28 Dec 2004 11:24


According to the tariffs information available from the above APEC website, China import duties for integrated circuits classified under HS Coders 8542 are 6-10%; capacitors under HS Codes 8532 are 6-12%; reistors under HS Codes 8533 are 6-12%. Please click here for details of breakdown. There are many categories of cables please enter and search the same website for details.
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06 Jan 2005 10:23


According to the State Council, the Tariff Policy Commission of the State Council has announced on December 23, 2004 that China will further cut import tariffs on more than 900 products beginning January 1 of 2005. This will lower the general level of import tariffs to 9.9 percent from the current level of 10.4 percent.
After the adjustment, the average import tariff for farm produce will drop from 15.6 percent to 15.3 percent; industrial goods from 9.5 percent to 9.0 percent, textiles and clothing 11.4 percent; chemical products 6.9 percent; vehicles 13.3 percent; machinery 8.0 percent and electronic products 9.1 percent.
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07 Jan 2005 10:19


I would like to know what import duties my customer will pay for sewing threads imported from Vietnam to Shanghai?
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07 Jan 2005 10:37


If I send a used van to China as I plan on opening a business in Shenyang china. My wife is Chinese. I will have certain items for use in my business in the rear if the van. Are the items taxable coming in and how do I get the van legally in the country as I need it to haul supplies to my business from local suppliers. Thanks Bob Your reply will be helpful
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07 Jan 2005 17:03


Kim Ann

The import duty for sewing threads in China is 5% plus 17% value added tax.

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14 Jan 2005 10:57


For Bob

Foreign visitors after going immigration control must declare with the Customs on their accompanying baggage. The China Customs allow duty free for a reasonable amount of items for personal usage to be brought into the country. Now all you need is to arrange to have freight services company to deliver your van and personal goods to the Mainland. Please click here for details.

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24 Jan 2005 10:51


Most imports into China are subject to tariffs and import related value added tax (VAT), while certain goods are also subject to consumption tax. There are two column tariffs, viz. the most favoured nation rates and the general rates which are high. The preferential rates applied to those countries that have bilateral trade agreements with China, or broadly the members of WTO. The preferential tariff rates remain generally high compared to major WTO members, but are expected to reduce to around 10% as a result of China's commitment to WTO requirements.

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30 Jan 2005 08:33


We are looking to import polyimide film (Kapton) from China, process it and then export it back to china. I am having difficulty finding out our tariff rates. Can you offer any assistance/insight?
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01 Feb 2005 14:34


We need to know what kind of product you have turned to? Can you give the Harmonized System code number of the end product? Assuming no change of tariff heading (i.e. the product remains polyimide film) as a result of little process, the import duty is 6.5% plus 17% value added tax.
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10 Mar 2005 17:04


Please advise what is the import tariff for Saw Blade in China.
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13 Mar 2005 17:10


The import duty rate of saw blade in China is 8% in 2005 for most favoured nations, plus 17% value added tax.
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14 Mar 2005 17:52


Where can I find the list of "most favoured nations"? Is India one of
them? Thanks
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14 Mar 2005 17:57


Most Favoured Nations in China tariff schedules refer to members of the World Trade Organization and other nations that have bilateral trade agreement with China. India is on the most favoured nations list.
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19 May 2005 11:33


Just want to know if I import wool from Australia to China for our wool blanket manufacture, then we will export the blanket to Hong Kong. What is the tax duty we will be imposed? Thank you very much in advance.
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19 May 2005 11:37


There in no import tax in Hong Kong for these products. If you import woollen yarn from Australia to China for manufacturing you will have to pay 5-6% (Most favoured nation rates) import tax and 17% value added tax.
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