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Gov't loan for new business

20 Mar 2009 11:53


Did anyone know that whether HK gov't will provide loan for those who want to start up own business?
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13 Aug 2009 11:59

Hi, Couple of my friends are trying to open a retail business in Hong Kong. I have read some article there is a venturing capital which can support a new founder. How can I get more information and how can I apply and what will be the procedures about?
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23 Nov 2009 11:08

A group of 5 programmers and mathematician would like to setup an insurance & investment software company in HK and wonder if there is any government subsidiary fund we can apply?
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08 Dec 2011 10:55

I am eager to know if anyone get Government support

for start up business. Please keep notify if you have any

news available above regards.


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09 Dec 2011 15:48

I saw quite a few posts previously that the government loan had closed Dec 2010. The link the moderator provided led to that info. There are quite a few financiers or banks who loan, but it will depend on individual status and financial status. Easier to find a broker who has some experience in that field?

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