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Problems and prospects of financing SMEs

29 Sep 2008 10:47

Am reviewing literature on the above research topic, therefore l would be glad if you could link me to any relevant website that contains such literature. Thanks
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30 Jan 2009 11:08

Your research article can be summarized in one sentence. "Most of the SMEs have no hope and no prospect in obtaining bank financing because they cannot provide 100% collaterals for the banks"
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02 Feb 2009 17:06

Edward, you are a honest banker. Your comment is absolutely true, even true for a recognized technology business with audited turnovers of many millions and net profits at the beginning two years. How come all other bankers do not tell the Government that they need 100% collaterals?
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05 Feb 2009 10:30

I need to have an in depth knowledge of SME financing. this includes challenges, sources of funds, prospecting and managing SME relationship as a finance and business development provider.
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05 Feb 2009 10:43

We wish to quote some figures released by the Government about the Special Loan Guarantee Scheme. Up till end of January 2009, there were 1235 applications received and out of which 932 approved and cumulative amount of loan approved totalled more than $2 billion. Please click here for more information about the Special Loan Guarantee Scheme.
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11 Feb 2009 11:40

Hi- I am the banker who is handling any SME loan and SpGS loan. So I can share some information with u if required. lonelyciti@gmail.com
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