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SME financing problem

22 Jun 2007 17:32


I'm currently doing a research about the channels that SME use to find sources that help financing their business. How do SMEs find financial institutions online? via what website, for example. can anyone help?
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10 Jul 2007 10:15

The TDC website provides a special page for SME Finance listing financial support programmes, funding schemes and ways to approach banks and other institutions to obtain finance for business operations. Please click here for details.
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25 Feb 2008 16:38

You can visit a financial consultative Website: http://www.caconsultantltd.com, it may help you to find out the answer.
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15 Mar 2008 11:02

You would need to have good accounting record and practice. You could find more information on http://www.pdstrade.com on how computer could help easily manage small business.
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08 May 2008 09:48

We are specialist of trade finance and independent trade credit and factoring brokers. We can facilitate the Credit cover and financing of your export receivables. Contact us for information www.export-credit.com Bertrand jubault
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09 Apr 2009 10:39

Small and medium enterprises are the engines of growth in an economy. But as the sector is characterised by information asymmetries and high processing costs, banks are reluctant to lend to SMEs. With the Government soon to put in place a rating mechanism for SMEs, however, and armed with better risk information, banks can now use technology for effective credit delivery. SMEs play a catalytic role in the development of any country. They are the engines of growth in developing and transition economies.
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16 Apr 2009 12:17

Under the financial crisis, many of HK stated SMEs in mainland China face with the cash flow problem. What are the channels of financial assistance of HK stated enterprises in mainland China? Did Hong Kong government have any kind of assistance policy?
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18 May 2009 10:35

HKSAR government rolled out the Special Loan Guarantee Scheme to SMEs in order to help them ease the cash flow during the financial turmoil, the idea is good, however, is there any help on the SMEs in reality?
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29 May 2009 17:19

Pleaae refer to the range of SME Funding Schemes (Special loan guarantee scheme, SME loan guarantee scheme, SME development fund and SME export marketing fund) found in the website of the Trade and Industry Department of HKSAR.
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11 Aug 2009 09:47

I have to know the challenges to bank to finance SMEs.
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05 Dec 2011 14:57

There are a handful of international banks and financiers whom lend to HK SME's, but there are certain requirements to be met beforehand. Meridian Partners assists SME's in finding their funding from banks or financiers that match their criteria and financial background. Banks or financiers are likely to lend to those whom have well packaged their financial portfolio, and those who know who to approach. Please contact Karen at ksl@meridianp.com for further financial assistance and information.

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