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Funding opportunities

23 Nov 2006 09:10

What are the funding opportunities in Hong Kong?
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02 Feb 2009 17:08

Although it sounds like a joke, I would not suggest政府的創新科技基金(SERAP)for reasons as follows: 1) SERAP is a dollar-to-dollar matching fund and divided into 2 phases. If you get a phase 1 funding of, e.g., $100,000, you have to spend another $100,000 from your own pocket. 2) You have to satisfy lots of bureaucratic procedures in phase 1 before you can apply for phase 2 funding. Even if approved, you have to come up with the same amount of fund again. While technology development or innovation involves lots of uncertainties, you will easily find yourself hang up at phase 1 and become broke to the world. So, make sure you have good funding for your whole project before considering SERAP. It definitely is not a joke.
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11 Feb 2009 11:38

U can try the SpGS loan. Basically, as long as u have a reasonable financial, u can easily get 1M loan to start with. I heard many ppl say that they are having problem to get the government loan, but on the bank side, we are trying hard to find customers for the loan as many ppl refuse to take it, even when the interest rate is very low now.
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24 Mar 2009 12:01

I have successfully applied for a stand by trade line and a bit of cash with SpGS. Perhaps u can give it a try too. But I heard that they require u to at least have a positive profit and perhaps some networth from the company or director.
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