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Payment Gateway

18 Sep 2007 09:53


I am going to setup an online shop to sell products to overseas markets (say, USA, UK etc). Appreciate suggestions for the right payment gateway to receive the money from the buyers? Can I open bank account overseas also? regards
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19 Sep 2007 08:58

If you want to accept online payment try 2CO (www.2checkout.com) for accepting credit cards on your site. you can add other options us paypal later, you can also use western union transfers or TT wired payment directly to your account, but it all depends on the type of your business.
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25 Sep 2007 09:49


You can try to call up Payment Asia - www.paymentasia.com. My boss has just decided to sign up with them as they work directly with the local bank in HK.
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28 Sep 2007 14:31

Please refer to the payment systems established by eBay, Yahoo or many other individual online shops which can searched by keying in 'payment gateway' in any major search engines.
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09 Oct 2007 10:48

It is worth considering just using a payment gateway like PayPal which is compatible across currencies, languages etc. It is also a very safe way to operate an online store and one which we encourage. I am the Marketing Manager of Terapad, a free online website generator that comes complete with an online store, capable of supporting daily sales in excess of £30,000 and we use PayPal across the network of stores on the Terapad.com network. Best of luck with your venture.
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19 Oct 2007 10:27

Thank you Joshua. I took a look of your company Terapad and it seems good. I will refer this to my boss as he is now thinking on setting up a eShop. Just wonder how much around it will cost and also will you help us to link up with our payment gateway now? The one we are using is called PaymentAsia. FYI.
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03 Dec 2007 16:37


In fact, if you are selling accessories in a small scale, the service of ebay, taobao or alibaba would be a good alternative to be considered, leveraging their popularity and established infrastructure, it would be easier to get business going. Regards, Alan Young CIIO Technology - TRUST implemented http://www.ciiotech.com
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18 Jul 2008 09:33

FYI,I have just found that Bank of East Asia has Payment Gateway services too, and the pricing is not as expensive as I thought. Hope it helps.
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05 Mar 2009 10:56

When you just setup your online store, use Paypal. It handles all the trouble works for you, including security. Moreover, there is no monthly fee. When your store grows big and you feel Paypal too expensive, change another one. You may see my storefront: http://www.chinese-way.com/products-page/
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20 Apr 2009 10:18

I need a list of online payment gateway.The list will be like company name,website URL and location. please help me of sending me a list.
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23 May 2009 12:10

Try to use PayPal as your payment gateway. If you feel uncomfortable to use it, then leave it there as you don't have to pay anything to start using it.
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25 May 2009 11:01

Yes, i suggest to use Paypal too. It just takes a while to register to a new account. And you can do it all by yourself! I heard that Paypal has a new promo to new users. Such a pity that I'm not a new member anymore. You may google paypal or check out https://www.paypal-business.com.hk/index.php?forumid=001
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29 Oct 2009 10:08

The first thing to do is to gather all possible information by researching about each payment processor you are considering. Compare the features and decide what all you would require for your business. In a nutshell do your homework properly, and then make a query list for the salesperson to make sure that all your doubts and confusions are taken care of.First Data Merchant Credit Card Processing Services http://www.fdis-wolverine.com/
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08 Jan 2010 10:48

Are you looking for a high risk merchant account provider? iPayDNA.biz will provide you with the best online processing solutions for internet merchants, no matter what your line of business is. iPayDNA.biz is a fully PCI Compliant IPSP/MSP/ISO to numerous banks worldwide with a dominant presence in the Asia Pacific region. Visit us at iPayDNA. or alternatively, just fill up this form and our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.
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28 Jan 2010 14:54

GUYS I JUST WANT TO WARN YOU, THIS IPAYDNA IS A WELL KNOWN SCAM, three of my best associates were not paid last year at the end they held over $70000.00 in payments for one of them with excuses, reported false processing, they sometimes offer to take care of shipping products when it is about shippable goods, well don't do that you will lose your customers, they send fake stuff, after a while and held all your money for the chargebacks and refunds for fake products, and for sportbooks they wait until you have enough on the account to then keep all the funds. They always delay payments, so fraud, keep an eye on these guys they have been banned in many other forums.
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01 Mar 2010 09:00


If you find PayPal (such as PayPal Hong Kong) is suitable payment gateway you may find our service useful Go Ecommerce Eshop Builder - of use to create your own eshop web site for free. For our started plan we offer free hosting and charge only 0.5%-2% commission when you sell. We are a new service so are improving features such as design features all the time. Our servers are located in Hong Kong with reputable hosting company offering your eshop a solid reliable service. We also plan to integrate our service with Asian payment services and more. Go Ecommerce http://www.go-ecommerce.com/
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18 Mar 2010 09:13

referring to the statement by marcus, it seems like you are spamming in most of forums related to payment gateway, talking bad about this ipaydna. ( you are referring to http://www.ipaydna.biz ?) don't have any experience with them but i do have some friends working with them. everything is okay. no problem so far. only my 2cents. (i'm using paypal by the way.. simple and the best way to receive payments, since i'm involved in small size business.. long live paypal!)
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12 Apr 2010 16:45

need a list? Definitely steer clear of; EWAY EBAY PAYPAL Moneybookers 2CO WorldPay SagePay BidPay Western Union As a rule of thumb. Now since that is a fact so many other crooks have popped up to snatch a piece of the financial market and they all come with "integrity awarded PHD) You can imagine how much suction is out there now? This is the NEW AGE business era - party time for online crooks!
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19 May 2010 10:24


Crystal Payments offering online payment processing solutions.


Crystal Payments's offshore and high risk merchant accounts allow you to process credit card payments online. Whether you are selling web-hosting services, pre-paid phone cards, clothes, software, or batteries, as far as Crystal Payments is concerned, we are here to provide you with a stable and secure online credit card processing service at low processing rates. We will integrate our service into an existing order page or provide you with a customized order page. At Crystal Payments, we guarantee affordability, flexibility, quality and customer support. Our team of professional bankcard staff will guide you through the whole process of installation, integration and getting it all working for you. And that's not all. The Crystal Payments team will constantly be at your side, providing help, support, and advise when needed. We believe that the key to providing the best solution for your eCommerce merchant business is to put ourselves in your shoes.

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10 Jun 2010 10:33

So many ways available, you can just search for the best on the Internet^^^^


Loucie from PCB Partner---www.pcbpartner.com


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