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03 Aug 2006 11:00

I would like to know if TDC provide online marketing solution? We have an online catalog, but don't know how to promote it well in the
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04 Aug 2006 11:46

The Business Training Section of the TDC will conduct an “Online Marketing” workshop designed to
- assist you to develop an effective marketing and sales strategy by leveraging technology solutions,
- establish an effective web presence to support your marketing channels and sales efforts,
- create an effective email marketing and sales campaign,
- integrate and implement the latest email marketing practices,
- avoid the pitfalls of deliverability and spamming,
- and learn the secrets of ‘on-line professionals.

The Workshop will be held on 22 & 24 August 2005 (9:00 am to 5:30 pm) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wanchai. Please contact the TDC at 1830 668. Please note the deadline for application is 17 August 2006, and application is accepted on a first come first serve basis upon receipt of payment.

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22 Dec 2006 14:30

Dear Angie, If you already have a web site, you can register your sites in various search engines, such as yahoo and google. For example: http://www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl Good luck. Catherine.
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15 Jul 2008 17:47

If you want to know how to promote your website well thro' internet, you can reply by mail. Our company providing service and guaranteed your website would appear on the first page of Yahoo! Search Engine.
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29 Dec 2008 16:43

There are a number of good resources to help with online marketing. Aside from hiring an Internet Marketing company you can "do it yourself" as long as you're willing to spend some time learning the ropes. You can use resources such as: WebProNews.com SEOmoz.org/blog. ISEDB.com and many more Or you can just hire someone. Simply submitting the site to Google won't get the job done. You need to be optimized and you need links so ... Chris http://www.metrohispeed.com/
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02 Oct 2009 15:05

Dear friend if you want to promote your business via online. You can contact me i will help u in sorting out these things with some better solutions. Mail Id : bharathiraja88@gmail.com
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12 Oct 2009 14:39

Hi angie, have you checked out Internet marketing or online marketing. Just Google these 2 keywords, you will find lots of information. To save your time, i provide some more basic skills for you: Web Presence Drive Targeted Traffic Conversion List Building
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12 Dec 2009 10:51

Every business needs to advertise. The online business too needs the same strategy with much more concentration as internet is the host for your competitors too. You need to adopt compelling online marketing strategies to promote your business online.
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05 Jan 2010 11:14

Telecom Software: CTI Solutions, Call Center Solution, Call Accounting Software, Predictive Dialer, Voice Logger , IVRS, Fax Server / E-Mail id : seogaytes1001@gmail.com Website : http://www.gaytescorp.com
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20 Jan 2010 11:57

reminder to be clear who is your primary target customer before you proceed for all the internet marketing to get good ROI of your investment in marketing.
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23 Mar 2010 09:11

Well, you have to know your target market. Then you can develop your marketing strategy. For example if you are selling apparel, you can try to (1) post classified ad. (2) submit your website to industry portal or directory. (3) post your product info to google product (4) make soft-selling post to forum (5) submit your website to product review website (6) set up a company blog The above ways are free. If you can spare a budget, you can try google / yahoo pay per click ad, not expensive but you have to be skillful in copy-writing, keyword research skills. After you have created more backlinks from these works, your search rank can be leveraged in google & yahoo. But it will not be in a short time. Our company is a web design / online marketing company. You may visit: www.sillycube.com
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18 Dec 2012 16:13

In 2003 the group started another unit named DAIS for runing bachelor & master degrees in the IT and management which is now merged into.

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28 Dec 2012 12:09

Online marketing, or Internet marketing, allows you to promote your products and services online at a lower cost than traditional advertising. It helps you grow your business because it provides qualified leads from potential customers who are looking for your products and services.Most customers turn to the Internet to find what they need before they call or visit a store.

Out of all local business searches, 86% follow up their search with a phone call or a visit to the store. Of those, 61% end up making a purchase. (Source: eMarketer)A potential customer may not know your business name or Website address. Instead, they will type keywords into search engines to find the products they want. Effective use of Internet marketing can help your company show up on search engines, like Google, Bing & Yahoo!, when a potential customer is searching for your products and services.

[url=http://www.xinix.co.uk/cheap-business-calls-deals-installation-phone-line-packages/]Business Telephone and Broadband[/url]

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09 May 2013 10:50


If anybody wnat to be successful in internet marketing,You can use some techniques such as create blog, use social media, Email Marketing


You can promote your business on Social Media Sites.You can email the people who are related to your website.You can create blog for the website. These are the ways by which you may get success.

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