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open source software in Hong Kong

18 Jul 2006 16:11

All around the world companies understand the advantage of open source software. Global players are turning to open source software
applications, but Hong Kong's companies seem to ignore that trend, using expensive and stiff commercial packages whenever possible. Why is Hong Kong so different?
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26 Jul 2006 09:41

According to TDC Research,the software industry is a key component of the IT services sector. Although most of the local software developers are small firms with less than 20 employees, they are able to produce competitive customised software to support local and foreign clients. For example, Hong Kong's strong financial sector has provided opportunities for local software companies to develop world-class brokerage and banking software. Hong Kong's software houses have been partnering with their mainland counterparts to jointly develop products for the mainland market or exports, taking advantage of their complementary skills. Please click here for the full text of Hong Kong Information Technology Services.
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21 Mar 2009 16:31

I am an IT guy and works for the industry for ten years. I did not know of open source until my friend told me three year ago. I fell in love with it at my first glance. I widely used it since then. It also helps me establish my business online. The Government has done something through some non-profit organizations eg. HKPC. HKPC may organize some seminars and invite some profit making companies as speakers. That is all, no concrete action. I think the government is asking company to buy more license than helping them to adapt more cost saving and self-owned solution.
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19 Aug 2013 14:34



Hong Kong prefer to use free software instead of Open SOource Softwares. There are very rarely centres for open source are vaiable in Hong Kong.


Open source stands for criteria a little weaker than those of free software. As far as we know, all existing free software would qualify as open source. Nearly all open source software is free software, but there are exceptions. First, some open source licenses are too restrictive, so they do not qualify as free licenses. Fortunately, few programs use those licenses.


If you can use FB or Googled you may found some of the centres availbale in Hong Kong for such Softwares. But there are many benefits of using Open OSurce Software. read this article to kno wmore about it. http://www.esoftload.info/benefits-of-open-source-software


Thanks & Regards


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