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Does SME need ERP system?

04 Nov 2005 17:32

Does SME need ERP system ? it seems that it will streamline the process. But i don't know if this is a must to have an ERP System.
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07 Nov 2005 17:26

Please click here for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Research Center a comprehensive analysis of the features of ERP.
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27 Nov 2005 11:50

depend on the cost/performance. There is a lot of SME ERP system
in the market but need to choose the one to meet the company's
object, environment and operation. Nowadays, most SME ERP cost only several HK$ ten thousands. And if any related enquiry, contact me at email steve_ebox@yahoo.com.hk
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31 Dec 2007 17:45

We are one of the ERP system software house in HK, Try our demo : http://demo-erp2.petersoft.com
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04 Jan 2008 15:14

when the business is small (below 50 orders per annual), the data to handle is not much, money can be invested in someway else, such as marketing and purchse, doing so you will get better result. ERP is just show off at this moment, and yet your buyer will not care about your using ERP or not. Only when your staffs have over 10 - 15 and you need spend over 30% of your working time to due with everyday business information, you then need such tool.
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20 Sep 2008 15:24

Every organisation when they are at their initial stages will use accounting packages, they are like Bachlors using motorcycle. After Marriage and having 2 kids they will look for a car. There is no broblem in the motorcycle, but family has out grown. The same way as the organisation grows, more than flexibility, the security and response will become important. The only answer is an ERP system.
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24 Nov 2008 11:14

we are providing cost effect ERP solutions for hong kong SME , linux based & customised to your needs, contact us on max@mxtech.biz
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29 Nov 2008 10:22

The ERP system can help you to increase your productivity, sharpen your competitive edge, grow your business, and connect with your employees, customers, and partners. It delivers integrated functionality to support solutions for: ‧Financial Management ‧Supply Chain Management ‧Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ‧E-Business You can e-mail me for more detail
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05 Mar 2009 11:02

hi kenneth, can you please send me some information on ERP systems please? I want to find out if SMEs need to implement ERP system an the initial stage of their business or at a mature stage
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15 May 2009 10:53

Impact ERP Software Solution India helps manufacturers or traders from small businesses to mid size enterprises see more clearly. Integration of data across the enterprise ensures that you have greater visibility in all areas of your business, from daily operations to a strategic decision level. Insight into production, inventory and financial data makes it easy to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements.
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19 May 2009 11:22

Beside of awesome website, a Professional Seo service should be there, but affordable?. where? ask me
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14 Apr 2010 09:06

ERP@Brooke.HK is a web-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that requires only a web-browser and optionally a PDF reader to manage internal and external resources including tangible assets, financial resources, materials and human resources. Please contact erp@brooke.hk for enquiry.
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27 Sep 2011 10:54

You could try Microsoft Dynamics Products. My company is implemented by AIB Consultants.


We should say good for their service. Microsoft has a range ERP products from Small Medium to enterprise organization.

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01 Aug 2012 11:29


Yes Now a days All Small and Medium Enterprices are required ERP system.SME wants to improve Improved efficiencies, Reduced errors, Reduction in cost of operations and need to get into better management of customer relationships. Pandora Business Suite ERP system is to integrate the functions & processes of an entire organization into one single framework. http://www.pbasolutions.com/

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03 Oct 2012 10:24


Easy to implement and takes lesser time to implement than the traditional ERP for large organizations..


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29 Nov 2012 09:32


The ERP system can help you to increase your business, and connect with your employees, customers, and partners. It delivers integrated functionality to support solutions for: ‧Financial Management ‧Supply Chain Management ‧Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

If u want to more details visit http://www.clouderpsystems.com

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26 Nov 2014 15:23

I think that helps but choosing a right partner and understanding the whole picture is very important. Our company has experienced serious troubles and put ourselves into very helpless situation recently using Multiable. They don't understand our needs at all and both the interface and output format are unfriendly. Whatever changes we suggested, they charged at 10,000 per man day! I still don't know how much we have to pay at the end, it's like a deep hole so must be careful and make sure exactly what is offered in the beginning!

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