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VPN legislation in China

24 Feb 2003 18:06

It is standard practice for us to link our global offices together using VPN's on privately owned firewalls. I have recently been informed that this may not be acceptable in China due to the stringent internet and information laws. I would appreciate if anyone who has knowledge of this could post a reply. We are very close to setting up our permanent office in PRC, and I would like to get it right first time.
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03 Mar 2003 13:08

Actually, the main function of VPN is for connection between 2 and more sites, it is just like internal communication inside one company. Our company is an internet security and infrastructure solutions provider, specializing in security, branch/Global connection, system infrastructure... So far, we have not received any feedback from our customers who has deployed VPN in China stating such issue.

If you need help or supporting document, please email to karen@bisolutions.com.hk. We are willing to give a hand.

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07 Jan 2015 18:07


It’s NOT illegal using a VPN in China. There are 90 million natives using VPNs to bypass the Great Firewall. However,  you should only use them for lawful purpose. Oh, I forgot about this post on The Best VPNs in China: http://bestvpnchina.net/facts-using-vpn-china/

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04 Jan 2017 20:15

Unfortunately using VPN is your only way to get to any blocked site in China, bvpn service provides you L2TP connection without the need for downloading or even download APK file without the need for google play, here you can find it with big discount http://discount.bvpn.com/#

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