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Human Resource Management - Staff turnover

21 Nov 2007 12:51


I am a boss in a small sized trading firm. Quite a lot of staff left my firm due to the good econ. outlook. Do you guys experience the same in your industries? I would like to know more about the staff retaining issue in Hong Kong now. So maybe I need to seek some HR consulting. Do other industries also experience severe staff leaving? Thank you so much.
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05 Dec 2007 15:49


We would suggest you search online major searching engines by keying in the words “how to retain staff”, you will find a lot of suggestions, hints and tactics about how to retain staff.
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14 Dec 2007 10:59


Turnover is a problem in a big picture and retaining the good staff is another. Lets email me on patrick@li1111.com and give more detail situation.
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14 Mar 2008 17:49


You could computerize to first improve productivity and reduce the impact of turnover. Also it would help you keep good record and reduce the loss of knowledge after turnover. There is a site http://www.pdstrade.com/blog when good information on SME computerization.
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05 May 2008 10:26


I have been working in a small office with less than 10 people in Canada few years ago but the company can successfully retain the staff with following strategies. 1.) Pay higher salary other than competitors. This is justified as staff in small company normally need to be multi-tasking. 2.) Create more team building activities. This really helps to develop more close relationship with your staff 3.) Let your staff share the success of your business, e.g. Bonus sharing based on business performance 4.) Delegate decision making power to your staff and allow them to do some creative things in their works. This makes the staff feel they are valued and belong to this company. Hope this help. Enoch Chan
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18 Jun 2008 15:23


Chan, you are good at management. I experienced many small companies in China, they give staff a little salary, but many jobs, much pressure, medium or low grade of welfare, can these retain the staff? wayhitter@yahoo.com.cn
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20 Jun 2008 11:45


Staff in a small company will leave for whatever reasons even you pay them well and treat them well. To establish simple but good systems and procedures is the only way.
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11 Mar 2015 17:59


Can you tell me the importance of staff turnover in full detail? Because I’m new to this forum.

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07 Dec 2016 23:20



I found this article about how to deal with the staff turnover.

I hope it can help you.

Basically if an employee decides to leave its for a reason (money or disagreement with the company) find out why and try to make a better deal.
But basically as long as competition occurs, pbs remain as well...

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26 Jul 2017 22:55




This is a perennial problem in Hong Kong (and elsewhere)


In summary SME’s can compete to keep staff (particularly staff with key talents) by motivating staff with both extrinsic (pay, bonus, working conditions…) and intrinsic (culture of the organisation supporting the work experience, senses of purpose aligning staff to the organisation, challenging/varied work than enables personal growth, coaching…) motivators


New staff should be hired with a cultural fit in mind as well as technical skills and provided with a robust on-boarding experience – many staff leave within the first 6-12 months of being hired (such a waste of time, money and productivity);  onboarding helps new hires to orientate quickly and bond with the group


This should be underpinned with strong processes within the organisation that enables you to capture the “how” of work flow and clarify process outcomes; as you grow business systems become increasingly important


Hope this gives you some ideas

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