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UAE Registration Requirement for General Sale List(GSL)Products

24 Nov 2009 11:34

I have the buyer in Middle East , Dubai want to import one of the sexual enhancer supplement , horny goat weed extract of a US brand product . And according to the regulations of UAE , those items have to be registered both the products and the manufacturer under the Ministry of Health of UAE before it can be put Over the Counter.

My problems are: 1.Halal certificate issued by recognizable organizations and authorities. Is it a must when my USA supplier cannot provide a Halal certificate for the products and but we can provide that the capsules they use for the batch of products are with Halal certificates? 2.Authenticated contract between Marketing Authorization Holder & agent mentioning the products for which the agent is going to be responsible for. If the case is that my company is only a trader but not the sole distributor of the US product , not the Market Authorization Holder. Does it mean that the applicant agent, who is the medical store license holder in UAE needs to sign the distribution agreement with the manufacturer in order to do the registration.

So what is the role of us as a trader?The supplier goes directly to the distributor in UAE and do not need our company? Or is it more making sense to me that our company has a invoice with the supplier from USA and our company becomes the Marketing Authorization Holder of the products and our company signs the agreement to the distributor in UAE, who is also the applicant of registration of the product in UAE. 3.I would like to know if after the distributor in UAE did the registration of both the products and the manufacturer, when there are other importers who want to import the same items to UAE from the same supplier, what will happen? Do they need to do another registration under different applicant (importer) or do the importer need to get the stocks only from the distributor that already did the registration or what ? Please give advise for us for the right procedure for importing some products to Dubai and make them marketable in UAE .

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30 Dec 2009 08:28


It remains the question of whether an exclusive agency or distributor agreement having been concluded with your supplier in the USA for the captioned product to be marketed in Dubai or other members of the UAE. You need to specify your terms of the agreement and seek legal assistance to negotiate with your supplier. Without such an agreement the products can be available in the market via other channels. Please go here if you want to have more details.
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11 Jan 2010 08:56


Thanks for response. So it means that even I, as a trader did the registration of General sales list upon Ministry of Health IN UAE, other can do the same if I do not have the exclusive rights for the same products, right?
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29 Apr 2015 15:30

I have a question in regards to the requirement to have a valid company registration certificate before you can apply for product registration. I have searched tirelessly to find the fee requirement for that. What is the fee for the company/manufacturing site registration certificate? What is the fee for product registration? Is there an application form for the product registration?

For a GSL product that is non-herbal, is the price certificate a requirement? If the distributor collected the goods from the manufacturing site in the USA, is a CIF still necessary?

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