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import from china to india

11 Nov 2009 11:20


i want to import a "honeycomb paper core block" type machine from china to india. Its weight is around 28 tons. kindly let me know the custom duty imposed in bringing it here. waiting for an early reply rajat jain
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12 Nov 2009 10:39


Hello sir, Iam from India, as iam buying Mobiles from China i wanted to know is Import Licence needed, and what are duties levied for it. As 7 Mobiles are coming through Courier as samples.
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16 Nov 2009 10:42


I want Import Computer Equipments From China To India & want to sell them in India. i.e. want to start business, Plz Give me suggestion what is legal way to do bussiness. what's minimum leagal documents and registration we need for business. Currently I am only a Individual Person So Plz. Reply That What is Process to start Bussiness i.e. Import Computer Equipments From China and Sell In India.
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16 Nov 2009 16:04

Dear Sir, i want to import electronics like HD media players from china to india. please let me know the import duty i need to pay and how to pay
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19 Nov 2009 12:22

How to import dental unit from Sofine Group China t o Indian in my dental clinic at Jabalpur Madhyapradesh India the cost of the dental unit is $900 USD.
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20 Nov 2009 16:50

kindly let us know Indian Custom Import duty n anti dumping duty if any on BOPP film ,HS code 3920202 ,to import from China to INDIA.

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23 Nov 2009 10:55

I want to import laptops from China ti India, so what is taxable amount for importing laptops. If one laptop in china costs $400 what amount will be added to that as duty or import tax. Please give me the detail information about import business process.
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24 Nov 2009 11:23

Sir, i am Interested to import the pen camera, pen camera with MP3 from china . pls send me . details.
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24 Nov 2009 15:59

I am good at international logictics at shenzhen,guangdong province,regarding the logistics,expecially the air freinght,can give your best suggestion departure from Shenzhen,Hongkong and Guangzhou.more details send the email to raymond.cnszair (at) gmail.com
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28 Nov 2009 11:50

Int’l Sino-Ocean Logistics &Trading (Guangzhou,China) Office Logistics & Trading . if you need any help,you can contact me . kevin.fei9@gmail.com
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01 Dec 2009 10:56

Below is a list of customs duty rates for some categories of goods imported into India in the year 2009/2010, as requested by users of this SME Forum. As you may be know that some requests cannot be processed properly without detail descriptions and provisions of relevant HS codes. It is also important to note that these information is provided for reference only.
HS No.product descriptionduty rate %
8523flash memory cards0
8501electric motors7.5
8504electric transformers7.5
8506primary cells and batteries10
8508vacuum cleaners10
8509electro-mechanical domestic appliances10
8513lamps and flash lights7.5 to 10
85165000Micro-wave oven10

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03 Dec 2009 10:52

Hi, Could you please let me know the total import duty including customs, excise, countervailing tax (is this the same as excise) and special tax of ITEM HS 8531 10 10 and 8531 90 00 please. Thanks in advance
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03 Dec 2009 11:34


India import duty in 2009/10 is free for HS 8541 Diodes, transistors and similar semiconductor devices and HS 8542 Electronic integrated circuits.
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04 Dec 2009 11:39

Thanks Sir, but I was actually looking for the import duty of HS code HS 8531 10 10 and 8531 90 00.It is Burglar Alarm and its parts You gave me for 8541. I know the import duty is 10% and the Excise is 16%, could you please let me know whether there is any countervailing tax or other tax I need to pay on top of the customs and excise duties. PS: I am importing from China to India
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07 Dec 2009 10:49

Please let me know how i import from china to india in chinnai sea port air coolers and plastic doors. and custom charges.
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07 Dec 2009 11:57

for name supplied: Import duty of India for the captioned goods under HS 8531 for year 2009/10 is 10%. Other duty and tax not available in official source.
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07 Dec 2009 16:38

for sumeet singhal: India import duty for buck wheat machine HS 84371000 is 7.5%, plus other tax and duty that may be applicable.
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07 Dec 2009 16:42

for Ripudaman Shastri: Import duty for polymers of propylene HS 392020 is 10% plus other duty and tax that may be applicable.
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09 Dec 2009 10:06


i want to import rapier power loom to india ,please tell me how i can import this things? and what are the duties i will have to pay?
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09 Dec 2009 10:06


Hi, I recently bought 1 iphone for Rs. 9275 Will it be levied custom duty? If yes then how much? Regards, Sonal Sinha
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