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import from china to india

11 Sep 2009 10:45


Be Indian Buy Indian Think about fellow jobless Indians before sending jobs to China.
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12 Sep 2009 15:13

What is CFL lamp import duty to India if we get full piece? What it the duty if we get holder, choke, lamp non assembled. Is there is any anti dumping duty. If yes what will be total duty import duty+ anti dumping duty.
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16 Sep 2009 10:59

Hi, I want to import some good aquariums and its accessories to India, Please let me the import procedure and to whom to contact in China for getting good deal. Regards, MK
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18 Sep 2009 09:58


Kindly advice what will be import duty if we wish to import automotive filters from China to our county ( i.e. India ).
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23 Sep 2009 10:36


Can you please tell me the import Duty on UPVC Doors and Windows for import from China to India.
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24 Sep 2009 17:54

I would like to import pen's from China, Please let me know the process and if possible the contacts.
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29 Sep 2009 09:25

I am interested in importing secondhand or fresh laptops from china to india. Could anyone please tell what is the duty by chinese govt. for exports from china to India and duty by indian government for imports from china to india.
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29 Sep 2009 09:35

i would like to know the best sale imported products of china in india.
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02 Oct 2009 09:57

We append below a list of normal customs duty and other tax rates levied on different categories of goods imported into India, as requested by users of this SME Forum. As you may be aware that some requests without detail descriptions and provisions of relevant HS codes cannot be processed properly with similar data. Please submit further information if you still need that information. It is also important to note that these information is provided for reference only.
Product descriptionHS Code No.Customs DutyCountervailing DutySpecial Duty
Wadding, gauge, bandages for medical, surgical and dental purpose30051044
Miscellaneous pharmaceutical goods30061044
Machines for working metals84577.584
Other machinery for making up paper and paperboard84417.584
Knives and cutting blades for machines82081084
Photographic cameras, flashlights etc.90061084
Other footwear with sole and upper of rubber or plastic64021084
Cotton waste520210001504
Aluminum plates and sheets7606584
Other furniture94031084

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07 Oct 2009 09:22

I would like to import following parts from china. Kindly indicate the import duty and other taxes for these parts used for braking / transmission system on commercial vehicles. - Alu die cast machined parts - Plastic parts - Rubber parts - Sheet metal parts - Solenoids - Assembled Printed Circuit Board Thanks and regards,
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07 Oct 2009 09:40

Hi, I would like to know what would be the import duty for the juice extractor purchased from china . The entire customs duty. Please help me on this.
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09 Oct 2009 09:44

I want to import Digital dictionary from China to India for a commercial purpose, pls tell me what is the import duty levied on this type of product and there are in which categories. And also tell me about other taxes and duties if there any.
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09 Oct 2009 09:45

I would like to import some hardwood tiles to india from china. kindly let me know the import duties applicable & best shipping method.
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16 Oct 2009 12:23

I wish to import the following items to India from China. 1. Office and School Stationeries 2. Leather Products / Shoes / Bags 3. Mobile Phones 4. Laptops
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24 Oct 2009 11:29

Hi, I am planning to buy Buck wheat Machine From China i want to know what are the tax i have to pay as custom duty & import charges Code is.84371000 Please help me iy you can & send me the details
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03 Nov 2009 15:16

This is Raghav. Just now i had completed my enineering. i want to get into the business of import and export. i would like to know what all products can i import from china.
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05 Nov 2009 10:04


I am based in HK, I want to export oil paintings from China to India, do I need any special certification on either end? The paintings are not original works, mostly abstracts and generic paintings. Medium is oil on canvas.
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06 Nov 2009 11:45

i want information regarding import construction equipment or electronic item. I don't have any detail information for Import-Export business so send me sufficient information for this business. Thank you
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07 Nov 2009 17:35

Hello Sir, Iam from Bangalore, I am buying 7pcs of Mobile from China so i wanted to know detailed procedure as what all has to be kept in mind, is any IE Code required or any formalities to be completed and as it is coming by Courier Service, Any problem could occur while Custom thing, and how a person from india can transfer money to china? Please Help
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07 Nov 2009 17:44

i like to import in-board marine engines and gearbox from china what is the HS code, Custom duty and other duty by India.
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