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import from china to india

09 May 2009 15:42

i am planning to import from china a digital printer for printing in coffee mugs, plates etc. what is the duty element pl.
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18 May 2009 16:35

for Parag: India import duty for digital camera (HS 85258020) effective from Feb 2009 is 10% plus 8% countervailing duty, 4% special additional duty and 3% customs and excise cess.
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22 May 2009 16:27

for Girish Patki: India import duty for heat exchange unit under HS 8419.50 is chargeable from Feb 2009 at 7.5% customs, 8.5% countervailing duty, 4% special duty and 3% each of customs and excise cess.
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29 May 2009 14:32

for kelvin: We would like to refer you to the Indian Customs website and keying in HS Chapters 61 and 62 to obtain duty and tax rates for clothing and textiles imported into the country.
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02 Jun 2009 10:01

for name supplied: India import duty in 2009 for paper and paperboard under HS 48021010, 48021020, 48022010 and 48022090 are rated 10%, countervailing 4%, special duty 4% and customs and excise 3%.
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06 Jun 2009 11:05

I’d like to import bags and other dress item from china to india what will the tax and import duty and any such garment company can share there details.
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11 Jun 2009 11:16

We are planning to import mens sports wear 100% polyester round neck and polo styles from China to India. Please let me now the duty and tax applicable.
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15 Jun 2009 16:54


how can i import mobile from china to india?
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15 Jun 2009 17:11

i want to know the export duty imposed on bitumen by china and corresponding import duty in India. i also want to know whether import duty is imposed on company price or on the price after export duty is imposed on it.
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23 Jun 2009 17:58

i want to import consumer electronics products like irons,water cooler,steam press,toaster etc...from China...what will be the applicable import duty ?
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30 Jun 2009 14:42

please inform what is the import duty for AC compressor from China to India.
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02 Jul 2009 09:01

Dear sir/mam i am importing an LED solar keychain. I want to know the import duty for this product importing from china to india and other taxes if applicable. Reply as soon as possible.
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03 Jul 2009 10:42

i would like to know weather there are any policies that restrict the import and export of fruits between India and China,If not i would like to know the duty structure and any other rules and regulations.
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20 Jul 2009 09:32

hi...i m new to this import line, so can any one tell what kind of goods can be imported from china, what are the procedures and what are the charges for those goods.. thanx
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21 Jul 2009 11:59

we can handle all the main port of china to india shipments.any inquiry pls contact to me. msn:sz_luckyzhang@hotmail.com
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21 Jul 2009 12:04

hello sir, which web site full details of duty charge in india tell sum ideas please!
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21 Jul 2009 17:03

We append below a list of customs duty and tax of products imported into India frequently requested by users of this SME Forum. We cannot deal with requests for duty rate data effectively and efficiently without sufficient descriptions of the prorducts and appropriate Harmonized Tariff codes specified by the enquirers. Please also note that the following information is extracted from India Customs Website and provided for reference only.
Product descriptionHS CodesCustoms dutycountervailing dutyspecial duty
digital camera8525802010%8%4%
Video games9504100010%8%4%
LCD TV's8528721010%8%0
MP3 MP48510894055%4%4%
radio navigation apparatus852691007.50%10%4%
storage batteries85072000 to 8507400010%8%4%
sim card, storage card85235210000
personal computer (incl laptop)8471301008%4%

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23 Jul 2009 10:44

I am planning to import mobile phones from china. Can you tell me where can I find the custom duty on import of mobile phones in india?Also what is the safest way of payment?Please revert soonest possible.
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27 Jul 2009 10:46

I am interested in importing Indicator Lights from china to india. Could anyone please tell what is the duty by chinese govt. for exports from china to India and duty by indian government for imports from china to india.
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28 Jul 2009 15:52

Can any body can explain that footwear is banned or allowed to import in India from China.
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