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import duty in india


03 Jul 2008 09:58

for name supplied 21 May: We believe you are entitled to a free customs allowance of Rs 12000 worth of goods brought into India.
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03 Jul 2008 10:28

India import duty for monitors principally used in an automatic process system (HS 85285100) is 12.5% plus other tax and duty that may be required by the country’s customs.
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03 Jul 2008 11:09


for Daljeet Singh 22 May: India import duty for bicycle (HS 8712) is 12.5% plus other tax and duty that may be applicable in the country.
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03 Jul 2008 16:25

hi, i wish to know what charges will i have to pay if i get a used mobile phone through USPS from US (ebay purchase)? also if i m in luck now, how will i have to pay it?
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04 Jul 2008 10:18

I want to buy a macbook air from an eBay seller and he is selling it at a price of 1800 including shipping. The problem is that I want to know what will be the customs duty on the product if it is shipped to my place in India. Also, Can I escape from it in anyway? Also, please specify the total taxes if it is worth 1700 USD without shipping.
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05 Jul 2008 10:04

hello sir, i want to import computer cabinet from china and the total cost will be around Rs. 8 laks so what will be the import duties for this amount please tell me other charges also thanx
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09 Jul 2008 13:54

hello what about a single person without a company who wants to go to china buy around 30 or 40 laptops and want to bring them back to africa in his suitcases in the plane. is it possible as a person? what kind of custom fees will he have to pay?
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09 Jul 2008 13:55

I would like to import 1 unit of Heat Press Transfer Machine from China. Also I would like to import Heat transfer papers (500 sheets) every month. what would be the customs duty and other applicable charges for me? the Transfer Machine costs 129 USd and the total cost of the transfer paper is 240 USd
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09 Jul 2008 15:25

for Pallavi Suresh 29 May : India customs duties for sanitary ware of iron or steel (HS 732490), sanitary ware of copper (HS 741820) and sanitary ware of aluminum (HS 761520) are all rated 10%, and countervailing duty 14%. Other tax and duty may be required in India Customs upon entry of the goods.
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09 Jul 2008 17:20

India import duty for telephones for cellular network (HS 851712) is free, but countervailing duty of 14% will be levied.
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11 Jul 2008 11:36

Do I need Import licence for buying card readers or similar electronic goods frequently (only one at a time) through ebay.com
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12 Jul 2008 12:48

1. Could you tel me what is teh import duties for HS code 20098038 ( carrot Juice concentrate -70 brix). 2. what are teh additional duties( CVD, ACD) 3. Are these duties same irrespective of port being mumbai or chennia or kolkata? Thank you.
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14 Jul 2008 10:53

for Abhishek 4 June: India Import duty effective from 1 March 2008 for keyboard classified under HS 84716040 is zero, while 14% countervailing duty would be charged.
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15 Jul 2008 10:42

for H. Tiwari 5 June posted in the previous page: India import duties for water pumps (HS 84138130) is 7.5% plus 14% countervailing duty; for solar panel (or other water heater non electrical HS 841911) is between 7.5% and 10% plus 14% countgervailing duty. Please note that these information is as good as you provide.
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15 Jul 2008 17:43

We are importing cement block making machine from Malaysia. Please let me know about import duty applicable. Regards. Jagadish
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Aamod Joshi

16 Jul 2008 17:10

I wish to buy a LCD TV (INR 32000) and a digital drum set (INR 15000) from Bahrain and bring it to India. How much duty, taxes I will have to pay?
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18 Jul 2008 10:50

for Raviraj: India import duty for digital cameras and video camera recorders (HS 85258010) is10% plus 14% countervailing duty; laptop computer (HS 84713090) is zero percent and 12% countervailing duty.
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David Ogirala

22 Jul 2008 09:53

thanks to the moderator in advance! I’m planning to buy a Yamaha Keyboard (PSR-S700) costing $999.99 from US based online shop via internet (MusiciansBuy.com). Apart from shipping charges, how much tax/duty should be paid when i get it shipped to India?
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22 Jul 2008 10:00

for Manpreet: India import duty for video reproducting apparatus (HS 85219090) is 10% plus countervailing duty 14%.
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23 Jul 2008 18:00

Hello, I would like to import health supplements like Protein powder, and other products like that specifically for the person going to the gym. Please could you tell me what is the import duty law in India for this . Thanks very much, I appreciate it
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